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    CONSIDERING ALL POSSIBLE RESOURCES By Robert H. Schuller Aug 4, 2006 Tough-Minded Faith for Tender-Hearted People Mountain-moving faith is like a magic
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      By Robert H. Schuller
      Aug 4, 2006

      "Tough-Minded Faith for Tender-Hearted People"

      Mountain-moving faith is like a magic formula.  These are vital
      ingredients that make the recipe outstanding.  Leave out a single
      spiritual chemical, and you diminish the positive results

      One major ingredient in the walk of faith is humility.  Big-thinking
      people have an amazing capacity for humility. They are humble enough
      to listen to advice from anybody who makes sense.

      A chief executive of one of America's top corporations was approached
      by a janitor who said, "Sir, I've noticed you seem  a little on edge

      "Well, John," the executive replied, "if I am, it's because I'm
      carrying an enormous load. Under the circumstances, I think I have a
      right to be anxious."

      As he turned his back to unlock his door, he heard the janitor say,
      "But sir, if you believed in the God I believe in -- you'd be on top
      of the circumstances, not under them."

      Stopped short by this sentence, but too proud to turn around and
      acknowledge it, he walked into his office. He put his head in his
      hands and prayed: "God, are You out there?  Or are You here? Have I
      been missing You all this time?"  Then he called the janitor in and
      asked him what church he went to. The next Sunday the janitor took
      the executive as his guest to church.  And he became a believer!

      Faith is willing to accept help from all sources. What pride and
      prejudice might be holding you back from developing professionally,
      personally, or spiritually?

      Be humble enough to take help from anybody. You'll be surprised what
      God will open up for you!

      "In [Christ] are hidden all the treasures
      of wisdom and knowledge." (Col. 2:3)

      "Heavenly Father, you sent us your Son that we might be freed from the
      tyranny of sin and death. Increase my faith in the power of your saving
      word and give me freedom to love and serve others with generosity and
      mercy as you have loved me."

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