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Egypt: Report on the Aggressive Acts by the 2nd Army Unit against The Charity Isle Patmos in 2001- 2002

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    N.B.: The following page: has been also updated. Report on the Aggressive Acts By the Second Army Unit against The
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      N.B.: The following page: <http://www.zeitun-eg.org/patmos.htm> has been also updated.

      Report on the Aggressive Acts

      By the Second Army Unit against

      The Charity Isle Patmos

      In 2001- 2002


      On 22 February 2001, The Charity Isle Patmos cabled a letter to President Mohamed Hosny Mubarak complaining of the acts of aggression by the neighboring Second Military Unit. An army officer jumped over Patmos' fences after sunset, and sneaked into Patmos' buildings and took pictures of the buildings where sisters, mentally disabled girls, female personnel and visitors were present. Such irritating acts against the Church by the Military Forces hurt the feelings of the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Christians.

      In January 2002, an Army Officer (Raeid) named Wagih came with a Military bulldozer and some soldiers. They piled up a sand wall in front of the fences of the Charity Isle Patmos on the Cairo- Suez road; the piled sand was one hundred fifty meters long and 2.5 meters high in front the fence of Patmos.

      On February 4, 2002 another Army Officer (Mokadem) came in a Niva car number "Army 420747 /d", on which is marked "circulating control unit." he had with him Army soldiers. He asked to pull the faecus trees which were planted along the fences of Patmos (5mt far) from outside. These trees have been planted since more than 6 years. Engineer / Mohsen Nagi Zaki, the manager of Patmos land, tried to discuss the matter with him and to tell him that he must contact the Patriarchate about any issues concerning Patmos, as Patmos belongs to the Patriarchate.

      At I p.m. on Tuesday February 5, he came again bringing with him 3 soldiers to remove the trees. The workers of the land and some visitors tried to prevent them. After half an hour, a large group of armed officers and soldiers, along with a high ranking officer (Ameed) Abd El Moemen leader of the Second Moshah Unit, ordered his soldiers to remove the trees. Five workers of the Charity Isle Patmos were injured by the Army officers and soldiers.

      High Ranking Officer (mukadem) Ahmed Badr, of the Army Investigation Office, asked that the injured persons be sent to the Military Prosecutor's office. They refused and they were sent to The Heliopolis Hospital. A medical report on their conditions was issued by the Hospital. The Civil Police came and a police report (mahdar) was issued at Heliopolis police station number 6 Military (Gonah Askaria) for the year 2002.

      On February 7, 2002 the injured were called to the Military prosecutor's office. An order from the army was issued to catch them and bring them to that office.

      At 8 p.m., on 18 February, 2002, High Ranking Army Officer (Akeed) Tarek El-Hawary from the operations office of the Central Military Region, telephone number 4831005, asked to meet H.G. the Bishop, to arrange together some matters, it was agreed to meet on Tuesday 19 February at noon. The Bishop went to meet him, but the officer didn't come. At 2 p.m. on the same day, Army Officer Hani Saeed from the Fourth Military Unit came over and started to erect a tent in front of the fence on the side of Cairo-Suez Road and the workers stopped him from doing that.

      On 26 February 2002 we received a three lines startling warning from the Second unit, signed by a High Ranking Officer (Amid) Hassan El�Ruweiny, Leader of the Mechanized Second Unit: It was titled: "Warning to Patmos Land", in which he is ordering the destruction of Patmos' fence.

      We wonder what exactly does he want? Is he a fanatic extremist or what? Or, does he receive his orders from the head of the Military Investigation Office in the ministry of Defense, who is Major El-Tohami, who was the leader of the Second Army unit, and the one who carried the aggression against the Charity Isle Patmos in 1996 - 1997.

      After that, High Ranking Officer (Ameed) Hassan El-Roweiny leader of the unit, came over in an aggressive way and tried to set up the tent by force. We stopped him from setting up the tent in front of the fence. He ordered his soldiers to hit the workers of Patmos who were there, and to arrest them. The soldiers kidnapped Engineer Mohsen, director of the Charity Isle Patmos and took him by force. The Army leader ran on the other side of Patmos, where the Army Police Centre is situated, and where a fork-lift stood. He ordered the driver of the fork-lift to destroy the fence. They destroyed concrete columns and 25-30 meters of the fence.

      Officers from the Civil Police and National Security Police came over. A police report (Mahdar) number 10 Military (Gonah) 2002 was issued.

      We wonder why these events take place every time when President Mohamed Hosney Mobarak goes to the United States of America?! There are subjects and persons who want to cause damage to the national Interests of Egypt, while the President is in such strategic visits.

      The Police is concerned about the matter and completely supports the right of the Charity Isle Patmos against Military Aggression.

      Our appreciation goes to the "Ministry of Interior" which has expressed concern about the matter. We thank the National Security Police who after these Military aggressions put Police guards inside the fence of the Charity Isle Patmos and set wireless Police cars in constant circulations around the Charity Isle Patmos.

      See also: http://www.ocrs-eg.org

      Please keep this ministry (OCRS/Patmos) in your prayers.

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