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Re: [Zeitun-eg.org] For Christ Sake; The hate campaigns should stop

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  • Rita S. Mina
    Hello Dr. Hanna....just a small advice after all...the hell, hate, aggravation, hatred, annoying, immoral campaigns will never stop...for God s sake do not
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 21, 2006
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      Hello Dr. Hanna....just a small advice after all...the hell, hate, aggravation, hatred, annoying, immoral campaigns will never stop...for God's sake do not waste your breath... in  such situation (SILENCE IS BETTER.)
      Father Matta God rest his soul has no need to be defended from such accusations, his ground were unbreakable and solid...this argument of accusations will stop by being SILENCE
      God's bless

      William Hanna <waziz_laziz@...> wrote:
      Dear ALL:
      For Christ Sake; The hate campaigns should stop. It is sad and hurtful to see and hear about hate campaigns against some of the living and some departed fathers of the Church. In this case I am talking about the hate and defamation camapign agains the departed theologian and great father of monks the departed Abouna Matta Elmaskeen.
      Fr. Matta is above all these accusations of wrong theology. He was one of the most learned fathers of the 20th century. I can count three giants: Departed Bishop Gregorius (Wahib Attalla), Fr. Matthew the Poor (Matta El-Maskeen) and HH Pope Shenouda III. Fr. Matta is first among all three because of his longer service to the Lord, and more dedication to writing deeper and more enlightining books and articles. In the world of theology and philosophy as well as other endeavors in humanities, some spend most of their times in rehashing known facts and blowing old grounds. Others like Abouna Matta blowed new grounds and got in deeper. The result is sometimes contraversy because it is new knowledge. In Physics and Sience Sr. Isaac Newton fell in the same trap but he enlightened us more and as Galielio proved that the earth is round (sphere) and not flat, Sr. Isaac proved that the force between objects is the same force regardless, and that was contoversial in his time.
      Fr. Matta tried to get deeper into Cristology and some of what he said might sound contraversial to Copts who stopped all their active seeking in that subject after Chalcedon and unfortunately for the most part are not aware of the rest of the Church works after 451 AD.
      I do not necessarily agree with some theology, but not ready to condemn others with a closed mind. We have to listen to the argument and try to understand the views of the others before we condemn.
      In his Eulogy of Fr. Matta, his eminnence Metropolitan Mikhail the Metropolitan of Assiut and the monastery of Abu-machar said that "Fr. Matta" was the most dedicated servant and theologian he ever knew. He also asked the readers to forgive his errors because no man is without fault.
      I second the request. Please show respect and please ignore the politics of the hard lineers who happen to be the louder voice in our beloved Coptic Orthodox Church.
      Glory be to God in His Church. God Bless us all. Amen.
      William Hanna

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