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Truth comes when wisdom beats 'knowledge'

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  • arbible
    Spirit Daily ___________________________________________ From Evolution To The New Age, Truth Comes When Wisdom Beats Knowledge The other day a priest was
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      Spirit Daily


      From Evolution To The New Age, Truth Comes When 'Wisdom'
      Beats 'Knowledge'

      The other day a priest was speaking about the Book of Wisdom and
      recalling a meeting he'd had with a physician.

      He was startled, said this priest (who was born abroad), at the
      haughtiness of the American doctor.

      Asked this priest: what caused this arrogance?

      The answer was knowledge. The physician was knowledgeable (at least
      about the human body) and was intent on letting everyone know it.

      Such knowledge was undeniable but was not to be confused, noted the
      priest, with wisdom.

      The doctor was knowledgeable but he was not very wise. No one
      arrogant is.

      This happens in many walks of life (including the priesthood), and
      the reason is because we take pride, in modern times, in worldly

      We place a premium on knowledge, on details, and on facts, when the
      higher road is to seek wisdom, which is God's interpretation of
      knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to discern what is true, right, or
      lasting. We all need this. It reflects not man's thinking -- not
      just human intellectuality -- but the intellect of God.

      Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and is very important but
      wisdom is the ability to assimilate those facts and use knowledge
      with insight.

      Too often, those who are steeped in facts -- cluttered with them --
      have a narrow perspective.

      This is one reason why the scientific world so often rejects God.
      The Lord can not be documented. He is too big for the microscope. He
      is also too big for a telescope. He cannot always be
      intellectualized in a way that is "rational" (save for a few
      philosophers) and He is not seen in the clutter of details.

      There are other reasons and they occur at the spiritual level.

      Knowledge often leads to pride and pride causes blindness.

      Where knowledge is boastful, wisdom is humble.

      Where knowledge loves self, wisdom loves others.

      Where knowledge searches for the self in everything (idolizing human
      intellectuality), wisdom searches in all things for God.

      Thus we see, in fact, that it isn't just the New Age that we have to
      worry about:

      While the New Age and paganism in general focus on the concept
      of "God in self" (the idea that everyone has a God in him), so do
      those who exercise intellectual haughtiness.

      Let us repeat: knowledge is important. We are to seek it. We are to
      know our surroundings. But we are not to elevate it above religion.

      When we do, we see the results in movements like Darwinism, which
      led to Communism, materialism, and hyper-scientism:

      So laden with minutiae about living creatures are biologists that
      they have lost sight of the controlling force -- the wise God --
      behind the details.

      We see this with evolution.

      Most evolutionists believe that creatures became increasingly
      complex through simple chance. Accidental genetic mutations, they
      theorize, caused one type of animal to survive beyond others. They
      are convinced (since they can't see God in that microscope) that it
      was an incredible series of mutations which eventually led from a
      one-celled creature to man.

      While there has been "evolution" -- which means an "unfolding," and
      is even recognized by the Vatican -- the idea of "natural
      selection," of God having nothing to do with that unfolding, is an
      example of both knowledge run amok and the sort of arrogance
      displayed by the doctor.

      This conflict is displayed even on automobiles. There are those who
      decorate their cars with a "fish" as a symbol of Christianity and
      inside the fish it often says "Jesus." Evolutionists counter with
      the emblem of a fish that has evolutionary legs and the
      name "Darwin."

      Really, is anyone ready to equate Darwin with Jesus? Is an
      incredible series of "accidents" -- millions of them -- more likely
      than God?

      Could the complexities of the human body -- from digestion to
      reproduction -- be the product of happenstance? How about lizards
      that can turn colors to blend perfectly in with their surroundings?
      That was an accident? And the humps on camels? How about the
      elaborate spigots in the neck of a giraffe (that keep it from
      choking)? Is it a mere coincidence that some creatures at the bottom
      of the ocean have lamps on their heads to see (or bioluminescence to
      attract catch to their tongues)?

      Only God could cause "details" to merge in such a complex way that
      fits the environment and it is time to humble ourselves and
      acknowledge it. The examples are endless. They indicate an
      intelligent force that holds all things together. Left alone, such
      is not the case with matter. In the universe, the general rule is
      entropy, that something abandoned will not "evolve" but will
      deteriorate. Leave your steel tools outside for a few months and see
      what happens. Do they evolve -- or rust?

      As for the universe itself, if nuclear interactions were just a
      fraction different than they are, stars would not blow up into those
      mammoth supernovas that spread elements like carbon and oxygen --
      and without those elements, there would be no water and no organic
      molecules. Is it sheer luck that precisely the right level of force,
      down to a decimal, is in existence?

      If a strong nuclear force were just half a percent stronger (or
      weaker), stars could not make carbon or oxygen in the first place.

      Does anyone really think that such coordination is an accident? Does
      anyone actually believe that matter spun around and created the
      complexity of life? And as for knowledge versus wisdom, is it
      important to know that a flashlight fish is known as the family of
      Anomalopidae -- or that it is simply a "flashlight fish" that God

      Oh, let us not dismiss the importance of science. It has contributed
      much understanding. It has led to much good. But let us also realize
      that it is not the end game. It cannot stand alone. And the facts
      that science presents cannot be placed in perspective -- cannot lead
      to wisdom -- except through prayer and the discernment of Wisdom
      Himself, which we also know as the Holy Spirit.

      Come, ye scientists; come to God; come before it is too late; come
      to God and turn from scientists to wisemen -- who, as we recall,
      from the Nativity, knew Christ when they saw Him.

      [A prayer for the gift of wisdom: ""Great is the wisdom of the Lord!
      God Almighty, Your Wisdom includes an understanding of what is fair,
      what is logical, what is true, what is right and what is lasting. It
      mirrors Your pure intellect! I entreat You to grant me such Wisdom,
      that my labors may reflect Your insight. Your Wisdom expands in Your
      creations, displaying complexity and multiplicity. Your Wisdom is an
      eternity ahead of man. May Your wisdom flourish forever!"]

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