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The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XIII):

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  • Magdy Tawfik
    13-In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God AMEN Deal with me for YOUR NAME S SAKE…AMEN I remember yOUR NAME in the night O LORD And keep
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005

      13-In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

      One God AMEN

      "Deal with me for YOUR NAME"S SAKE�AMEN" ""I remember yOUR NAME in the night O LORD And keep YPOUR Law..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:109:21 & 119:55 )

      Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

      B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XIII):

      38) The MAN: After Adam and Eve disobeyed GOD, GOD Put an enmity between the serpent ( The Devil) and man. The first Prophecy about the Holy Incarnation is stated in (Takween,Gn:3:15). Each woman was expecting to give birth to the MAN (JESUS, WHO Is the Savior) and WHO will Briuse the head of the serpent (Evil), Eve wrongly thought that she had begotten the MAN" when she said "I have aquired a man from the LORD" (Takween,Gn:4:1) But the only ONE Who could disarm the devil and conquer him forever Is Our Savior; JESUS CHRIST. In the (Mazameer) it is written "This ONE(MAN) �.Born in her, And the MOST HIGHEST HIMSELF Shall Establish her ..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:87:5-Coptic translation ). In the Holy Gospel Pilate said about JESUS "Behold, the MAN�AMEN"(Youhanna,Jn:19:5).

      39)The DOOR :

      JESUS Is the Only DOOR to Eternal LIFE. " �.most assuredly I Say to you I AM the DOOR of the sheep�AMEN" (Youhana,Jn:10:7 also 7&1). " HE Opened the DOOR of FAITH to the Gentiles..AMEN" (Amaal,Ac: 14:27). If any one does not share JESUS Suffering and does not labor continuously to enter though this DOOR "Enter by the narrow gate" (Matta, Mt: 7:13-14)it Will be closed and he cant enter "and the DOOR was closed" ( Matta, Mt :25:10 ). The Door also denotes the door of the house of GOD. In (Adaad,Nu:16:19) the GLORY of GOD Appeared at the Door of the Tabernacle. As the Church is the ship that carries us to the port of Peace, the following verse is written at its door " This is the DOOR of GOD, through it the righteous ones enter...AMEN"(Mazameer:118:20-Coptic Translation). In a verse that signifies the shed HOLY BLOOD of Our LORD it was written, "The priest shall sprinkle the Blood Altar on the LORD at the Door of the Tabernacle. AMEN"(Lawein, Lev: 17:6). Also the door denotes our heart door "..sin lies at the door�.but you should rule on it..AMEN"( Takween, Gen:4:7). JESUS CAN ENTERS though any closed door"..when the doors were shit�JESUS Came and Stood in the midest..AMEN" (Youhana, Jn:20:19). But HE does not ENTER the door of our heart unless we accept HIM. As it is said we are born without our free will, but we are saved By the GRACE of Our LORD only if our will accepts HIM.

      When JESUS Knocks "Behold I Stand at the door and Knock, if any one hears MY Voice and open the door, I Will Come to him and Dine with him�AMEN" (Roaya, Rev: 3:20) We knock ( that is we Pray) on the DOOR�"O LORD Teach us how to pray""knock and it will be opened to you..AMEN"(Luka, Lk: 11:1 &9). Any one who accepts JESUS and continues to follow HIS Commandments will have eternal life"..to you who believe in the NAME of the SON of GOD that you may know that you have eternal life and that you may continue to believe in the NAME of SON of god..AMEN"(1Youhana, 1Jn: 5:13) Grace of HOLY SPIRIT�Paper & Gospel notes

      Prayer in the Name of JESUS

      O JESUS�THE DOOR.. YOU Said "�how much more Your HEAVENLY FATHER Give the HOLY SPIRIT to those who ask HIM..AMEN" (Luka,Lk:11:13) we are knocking , crying and asking :Please Grant the GRACE of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to all of us AMEN. Concl:

      O JESUS..The JUDGE.. Have Mercy on all of us "Do not enter into JUDGEMENT with YOUR servant for in YOUR SIGHT no one living is righteous�" "I spread out my hands to YOU�Lead me in the land of uprightness�AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:143: 2, 6 & 10).

      O JESUS....The MAN..we are YOUR adopted chidren, Surround us with YOUR Loving Care , YOU Said "HE Gave the right to become children of GOD, to those who believe in HIS NAME..AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:1:12). GOD WILLING Next Parts will follow. GBU All. Ps keep us in U prayers. & Family



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