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Recommended movie: Molokai - the true story of Fr Damien

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    Recommended movie: Molokai - the true story of Fr Damien ... Must see! ... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arbible/message/35 ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2003
      Recommended movie: Molokai - the true story of Fr Damien
      Must see!
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      Movie trailer available from:
      The true life story of Father Damien de Veuster, the Belgian-born
      Roman Catholic missionary priest, who arrived on the Hawaiian island
      of Molokai in 1873 to bestow humanity on those forgotten souls
      banished to this quarantined leper colony. Father Damien also died
      there of leprosy at only 45. He was a Mother Teresa of his time.
      While the church and political elites would prefer to forget about
      the problem, Damien actually worked to draw attention to the plight
      of the lepers and to improve their care and living conditions. He
      became a leper for the lepers, rejected for the rejected, like
      Christ himself - rare in a world that wants to eliminate suffering
      and make everything clean, perfect and beautiful. His life, like the
      Gospel itself, continues to radically challenge and inspire. Damien
      was banished from Hawaii in his lifetime but beatified by the Church
      in June of 1995 under the title of "Blessed Father Damien—Servant of
      Humanity". Of those involved in making "The true story of Father
      Damien--MOLOKAI: the forbidden island", screenwriter John Briley is
      the best-known in America and an Academy Award winner for his
      original screenplay of "Gandhi".
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