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32547Re: ÓÄÇá Ýí ÇáÞÇäæä ÇáßäÓí

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  • arbible
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Dear All,

      HG Anba Moussa has been teaching us in PalTalk the other day that no
      person is without mistakes and no person is all wrong. This reminded
      me of the controversies surrounding St. Augustine (he supported the
      Filioque, that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son,
      which all Orthodox Churches reject), and in our times the late
      saintly Fr Seraphim Rose and his theory of Toll-Houses (see
      http://www.orthodoxwiki.org/Seraphim_Rose under: Criticism & debate).

      St. Photius (an Eastern Orthodox saint, Patriarch of Constantinople
      858 – 861 and 878 – 886) argues that although these fathers were
      endowed with holiness, they were at the same time human and not
      exempt from slipping into error. He wrote:

      "Though they were otherwise arrayed with the noblest reflections,
      they were human. If they slipped and fell into error, therefore, by
      some negligence or oversight, then we should not gainsay or admonish
      them. But what is this to you?"

      God Bless.
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