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32486RE: [Zeitun-eg.org] H.E. Metropolitan Bishoy answer to questions about Fr. Matta El-Meskeen

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  • Medhat Maurice
    Jul 30, 2006

      ولعلنى اضيف انه من أعظم اللاهوتيين فى المسيحية من ربط التعليم واللاهوت بالحياة المعاشة والتطبيق الروحي والعملي

      بدلا من ننقض الرجل العظيم الذي له من ثمار الخدمة والوزنان الرائعة ما لا يحصى ولا يعد تعالوا نتمثل بسيرتهم وإيمانهم وثمارهم

      يا له من شقاء وتعاسة وتعب انه دائما نركز على الجزء الفارغ من الكأس

      أضم صوتي إلى كل من نصحه ليقرءا الكتب التي أنتجها أبونا متى ليتعلم كيف يرضى الله كيف انه كان يبشر بما يؤمن به

      لتدعونا للشقاق فأنت اصغر من ذلك بكثير ولا تلعب بالنار فأنها أول ما تلسع قد تحرقك أنت شخصيا

      يا صديقي اننى أخاف عليك من يدينونه هذا الأب الورع والمعلم الفذ وأرجو ان تصلى إن يغفر الرب لك ويسامحك ويعطيك من شبعه ودسم بيته

      والرب معكم

      مدحت موريس



      From: arbible@yahoogroups.com [mailto: arbible@yahoogroups.com ] On Behalf Of Coptic By_Nature
      Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 7:58 AM
      To: arbible@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Zeitun-eg.org] H.E. Metropolitan Bishoy answer to questions about Fr. Matta El-Meskeen


      تعتبر كتابا ت أبونا متى المسكين هي أعظم كتابات روحية لاهوتية أرثوذكسية صدرت باللغة العربية على الإطلاق. وذلك بشهادة أعظم علماء اللاهوت الأرثوذكس في العالم. قبل أبونا متى كانت الكتابات اللاهوتية العربية في الكنيسة القبطية عبارة عن كتابات ضحلة وتخبط بين الفكر البروتوستنتي والكاثوليكي وكلاهما فكر غربي بعيد تماما عن روح الآباء والتقليد الكنسي الأرثوذكسي.


      كل من يتشكك أدعوه لقراءة كتب أبونا متى العملاقة وفحصها لمعرفة مدى عظمة هذه الكتب ومدى العطاء والغنى الذي أصبغه الروح القدس على هذا الجيل من أجل احتياجه. 



      Dalia Hanna <dalia_hanna7@...> wrote:

      رجاء إعلامنا بأسماء الكتب أو المقالات التى أتسمت بالهرطقة و المغالطات المنسوبة إليه فى هذا الحديث


      و شكرا

      arbible <arbible@yahoo. com> wrote:


      You said that Sadat caused division in Egypt , and started fundamentalism. And it was

      a difficult time but now it has changed. But there is one problem with which did not

      change and I think it started recently. I got to know that there is as I heard it a personal

      conflict between one of the monks of the Makarios monastery and Papa Shenouda.

      Metropolitan Bishoi:

      Yes, Father Matta El-Miskeen is a very famous monk in Egypt and

      during a certain period he was the father of confession of Pope Shenouda. But Pope

      Shenouda was revising his books because Pope Shenouda was highly qualified in the

      seminary while this monk was not. He was in monastic life before Pope Shenouda but

      Pope Shenouda was more qualified theologically than him. His first book was about the

      life of prayer and was revised by Pope Shenouda when he was still a layman and a

      teacher in the seminary. Now this monk who was not educated in a theological school,

      read many books and began writing strange doctrines from whatever he read, which he

      published. He writes things against our teaching so he's causing much trouble for our

      educated people who are reading his books and magazines. So the problem with this

      monk is his teaching which has many mistakes and is contrary to the teaching of our

      church. You cannot say that he a liberal theologian but you can say that he is a type of

      heretical person. You know what happened in the fifth century between St. Peter of

      Alexandria and Nestorius of Constantinopel. So Nestorius was not a liberal theologian

      but he was a heretical teacher. So heretical teaching is not always liberal theology but

      sometimes he is also liberal. But it is not his only problem. I'll give you one example

      about his teaching. He says that on Pentecost fifty days after the resurrection of our Lord,

      the Holy Spirit came on the church. He says the divine nature of God was united to the

      human nature at that day exactly as it happened in the incarnation of the Son of God

      when He was born of the virgin Mary. Divinity of humanity was united together. So

      Jesus Christ is God who became man, but how can I say that St. Peter or St. Paul or St.

      John, became the same as Jesus Christ on Pentecost? Divine nature united to human

      nature. So the incarnation for him magnified that which started in Him in Bethlehem and

      was reaching its peak on Pentecost. So this is heretical teaching because he is saying that

      any Christian is equal to Jesus Christ the Son of God and we don't accept that. You

      cannot see this in the Catholic church, in the Protestant church, nobody can accept this I

      think. So we are having a problem with this person because of his erroneous teaching.

      At the time of Sadat he tried to take advantage of the opposition between Sadat and the

      church because of terrorism in Egypt , the fundamentalist movement and attacks on the

      churches and the Copts and he tried also to apply Islamic sharia in Egypt which we didn't

      accept at that time like what happened in the Sudan . So he took the chance and made an

      alliance with Sadat against the church and it was very shameful for him. He lost most of

      his popularity among our people.


      So what can you do in a case like this? You say he does not belong to the Coptic

      church from what he is saying. Is there anything you can do in this situation?

      Metropolitan Bishoi:

      We responded to his teaching. What he has done with Sadat was

      over because Sadat was killed one month after what he had done. He couldn't continue

      his plans so everything ended but his teaching is still wrong. What we are doing is to

      respond to his teaching and to spread the correct teaching everywhere by His Holiness

      Pope Shenouda and also our bishops and theologians and priests. We speak openly to the

      people. Another thing is that some of his disciples are repeating his erroneous teaching or

      going into other areas to publish it in magazines. He published his teachings in books, but

      they publish in magazines but more detailed. So there can be a trial for his disciples in the

      church. But since he [Father Matta] is an elder, we find it difficult to do more than what

      we are doing now, we find it is enough to officially renounce this. Sometimes we inform

      the Holy Synod about his erroneous teaching but we don't want to have a confrontation

      with him personally but perhaps some of his disciples may be judged by the church.


      Is this also why his books are not available in churches?

      Metropolitan Bishoi:

      Of course, because they have erroneous teaching. It goes against

      the common Christian belief. No wise Christian person would accept that he is equal to

      Jesus Christ. Why are we worshipping Jesus Christ when we are equal to him? It is a mad

      idea! So this is a complete distruction of Christianity. Because how can we be equal to

      the Son of God, one of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. That is what I

      think. What is the view of Christianity in front of non-Christians when we say that we are

      Gods like Jesus Christ. They are accusing us that we are heretics because we are speaking

      about a God who became Man. But now what will they say about man who became god?

      If you are heretical because you believe that Jesus Christ is God, who is the eternal Son

      of God, what can they say if I say that you are God also?


      So this was all the discussed by the Holy Synod?

      Metropolitan Bishoi:

      It is not yet discussed in the Holy Synod but it is discussed in the

      seminary and in everywhere in our churches and nobody accepts this, especially bishops.


      You just said that some of his disciples may face a trial, and that also there are no

      bishops appointed from the monastery of Makarios?

      Metropolitan Bishoi:

      Yes, of course there are some bishops who were in St. Makarios

      Monastery who came here [in the Monastery of Bishoi]. They transferred and after some

      years they became bishops. We have about four of that type, no so many.


      You took them back also? You welcomed them?

      Metropolitan Bishoi:




      Interview with Metropolitan Bishoi, Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Coptic

      Orthodox Church, November 14, 2002

      Author (transcribed and edited by): Rick Anderson

      [Interview conducted by Heike Schmidt, ZDF, German TV].

      http://www.cawu. org/cawu_ docs/Coptic% 20Orthodox% 20Christianity% 20in%20Egypt. pdf

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