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Hail to all those who will listen

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  • fire2086
    Hail to all those who will listen My name is Aryona FiRE. i am human, but i have lived with the elves for as long as i can remember, which isn t very long. My
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2002
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      Hail to all those who will listen

      My name is Aryona FiRE. i am human, but i have lived with the elves
      for as long as i can remember, which isn't very long. My story is
      this, i was found by the elves about three years ago: lost, alone,
      and memory-free. They felt pity for me, so they took me in and gave
      me the nickname 'Princess' or Aryona. Finding that i could already
      read and write, and that i loved all learning and knowledge, they
      taught me elvish, and let me study in their libraries. Soon i found
      that i could be of use by recording history as it happens. Thus i
      became Aryona, the Historian of the Elves.

      As for how i got the rest of my name, well, the elves know well
      enough that getting into an argument with me will soon show the inner
      fire with which i burn.

      Another reason is this: Two years ago i asked a dear elvish friend of
      mine to teach me the art of warefare. He gladly accepted, and i was
      soon shooting arrows and using a sword as well as any elf. One day i
      was riding with my friend, whose name was Grehniar, deep in the
      forrest, when we were atacked. It was nothing but a band of thieves,
      consisting of humans, dwarves and elves alike, all rejects of their
      society, and all cruel and greedy, but there was so many we feared
      for our lives.

      "Now is the time for you to prove yourself", my elvish friend called
      as he unsheathed his sword, and before i knew it, we were in the
      midst of a bloody fight. Then it happened. i went into a True
      Beserker Rage, a state of mind that is said to come from an ancient
      race of men, even more ancient than Rivendale herself. The Kings of
      Gondor are said to have decended from that race, but, although they
      still go into normal beserker rages, none have been known to be True

      i do not know how many i killed that day. All i know is that as the
      left overs of the thieves fled, i found Grehniar. He was dead.

      i stayed with the elves long enough to see Grehniar buried, but no
      longer. i had to leave. Before i left i was given the ring which
      Grehniar wore. i will wear it always.

      Such is the story of my life thus far. i offer my services to anyone
      who might need them. i am, as i said, a historian, but i am also well
      trained in the arts of healing, and can even heal the wound of a
      Mordor blade. As for my training in combat, i'm afraid i will not use
      it. i vowed never to repeat that day, you know of which i speak, and
      i never will.

      Aryona FiRE

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