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Re: [aquatic-plants] Duckweed mold

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  • Jim and Recca Payne
    It sounds like you may have black algae. Jim Payne ... From: suzy_from_canada To: Sent: Monday,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2007
      It sounds like you may have black algae.
      Jim Payne

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      Subject: [aquatic-plants] Duckweed mold

      > My duckweed is getting mold! At first, they were just, 'drying up', I
      > thought it was the salt in the water, and then they seem to have got
      > better after I phased the salt out (It was 1-2tspn/10gallon), but the
      > drying out was back, to my puzzlement, and then, what looks like mold.
      > I've removed the duckweed, and looked the tank over, and there is
      > mold growing on the side, dark and flat like stains.
      > If I keep scrubbing at it before each water change, will it go away?
      > Or do I have to use something? Do I have to take my fishes and plants
      > out and nuke the tank? How badly will this affect my fishes, nothing
      > is growing on them, and the vals and crypts I have planted are healthy
      > looking.
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