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Fw: amazon sword question.

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  • Steve Hollis
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2000
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      >Hello from a new member,
      >I have some amazon sword plants that I have had in my 75 gallon tank for a
      >little over a month. They are developing brown spots on the leaves. My
      >other plants seem to be doing great.
      >The plants are potted. Could someone please point me in the right
      >on which parameters to be considering. I am treating the tank with an iron
      >supplement fertilizer.
      >Inhabitants of the tank are red-eye tetras, Buenos Aires tetras, phantoms,
      >and two dwarf gouramis. Sorry I don't have time to look up the scientific
      >Thanks for the information in advance.
      >Steve Hollis--Your friendly neighborhood science teacher
      >"Science and Religion are opposed, but only in the sense that
      >my thumb and forefinger are opposed, and between the two,
      >I can grasp anything."
      > Sir William Bragg
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