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  • groo50
    My tank is now clear again, and I am nervous about adding fertilizer. I have since discovered that my fertilizer has no potassium or phosphates or nitrate.
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 4, 2002
      My tank is now clear again, and I am nervous about adding fertilizer.
      I have since discovered that my fertilizer has no potassium or
      phosphates or nitrate. Hmmm.. wonder if this why my plants are not
      doing well. I initially started with just a few plants which
      perhaps were able to use what was in the tap water; I would suspect
      they have outstripped the nutrient supply with their greater
      numbers. My CO2 is quite low (ca. 7mg/L) but I feel there is little
      I can do to improve this with out investing in some more equipment,
      and I'd rather not mess with acid buffers. All this aside I suppose
      that my algae problem arose when the plants were not fed enough,
      resulting in poor growth and providing an opportunity for the algae
      to take over. Well thats my theory. I am slowly being consumed by
      this tank, and I think there is a lot more to learn. My rose is just
      going nuts, I think if it could it would grow into the lite bulb;
      lots of flowers still coming.


      --- In aquatic-plants@y..., "kyata44" <K_Yata@h...> wrote:
      > I hadn't posted but maybe I can put in my two cents worth here.
      > Plants need light, CO2 and water. Then they need nitrogen,
      > and potassium. Lastly they need the iron and other micronutrients.
      > one of the first six items is low, the rest of the items need to be
      > lowered so the plants can use up all the nutrients. Algae can
      > scavenge smaller amounts than the higher plants. I use potassium
      > sulfate, potassium nitrate and super phosphate in my tank since I
      > using bottled CO2 and have high light.
      > Most aquatic plant 'fertilizers' only contain iron and other
      > micronutrients. Some do have potassium but most won't have nitrate
      > phosphate.
      > How much CO2 is your DIY yeast generator making? In the 15 to 20
      > range? Algae don't need as much CO2 as plants do as they don't have
      > the structures of a higher plant. Really helps the plants
      > the algae.
      > Happy day on your rose sword. I have one and they bloom like crazy
      > once they start. I get flowers and baby plants on the same stem.
      > Leave the plantlets on the stalk as long as you can stand it, break
      > them off the stem gently and plant. As soon as they are about six
      > inches tall pull up and take to the LFS for trade. Save one to
      > replace that giant plant you now have! Mine are in a 2'x2'x5' tank
      > and before a year is up the plant is too large for MY tank!
      > Kathy in southern California
      > > groo50 wrote:
      > >
      > > > howdy
      > > >
      > > > I seem to have gotten into a vicious circle with my 30 gallon
      > tank.
      > > > I came back from christmas vaction and had pea soup. I figure
      > > > started with excess fertilizer and light I added in hopes that I
      > > > would come home to a jungle; a jungle of algae. I have since
      > decided
      > > > to wait it out and low and behold things cleared up. Now my
      > plants
      > > > were iron deprived so I thought I'd put in a wee bit of
      > fertilizer.
      > > > Instant algae. I decided to wait again and things did clear up
      > > > again, but my plants are starving (white veins). I have been
      > > > checking my phosphates and nitrates (and just about everything
      > else)
      > > > and all show little or no presence (even after fertilizing).
      > What am
      > > > I supposed to do? On a positive note I seemed to have created
      > > > conditions suitable for my E. rose to make some sort
      of 'stalk'.
      > It
      > > > has grown so high that I had to raise my lighting. Does this
      > I'll
      > > > get a flower soon? I currently use yeast for CO2 fertilization
      > but
      > > > would really like to include some iron in the tank. I have been
      > using
      > > > Plant Grow for the last year with good results until now. I was
      > > > wondering if the algae have adapted to the nutrient
      > concentrations in
      > > > my fertilizer; perhaps a different, higher quality one is
      > necessary.
      > > > Any help would be appreciated. I am a regular reader of this
      > site,
      > > > and have found it to be quite usefull with the exception of the
      > odd
      > > > virus.
      > > >
      > > > Thanks in advance.
      > > > Johnny Green Fin
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
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      Eva those Tiger barbs are going to have to go. They are bad fin nippers. If they have not started doing it yet they will. You will hear controversy on this.
      Message 2 of 7 , Jun 6, 2004
        Eva those Tiger barbs are going to have to go. They are bad fin nippers. If they have not started doing it yet they will. You will hear controversy on this. Yes I even sold many at one time but with warnings. They can be kept with certain fish but anything that is not fast enough wuill get a much now and then. They do well in a large school and that tend to keep agression down and keeps them busy amongst themselves.. Try a trade for some daniaos. or towards som glowligh danio's ..Outside of your goldfish and the pleco and the tiger barbs your choices are rather compatable.
        Meantime make sure the pleco gets some zuchinni and spinich if you are not also feeding spirilina waffers or sticks.. bala sharks are very sensitive to water conditions so you are doing something right there. I will get the plant stick brand later. The box I keep them in is in another part of the house. For any others of you never do this unless your tank is cycled and there are plenty of plants to take up the nitrogen they contain. They work well even in my tank with angels and rainbow fish. I will post the brand and how much later. I am standing by here as Becky was taken to the emergency room from her job at Wal Mart. She hit her nose and that is all I know.
        Jim Payne


        Thanks for your reply. I do have a very large Pleco (algae eater)
        that I inherited when I purchased the tank. I do not know his
        scientific name but I do know he's not a true algae eater. I havent
        caught him munching on my plants though i'm sure he does but I will
        attempt to relocate him.

        I would love to have my aquarium completely planted but I can not
        sacrifice all my fish so I guess i'm looking for that happy medium
        you mentioned. Along with the pleco I also have a violet blushing
        shark, 2 bala sharks, a red tail shark, a cory cat, 2 tiger barbs, a
        rosy barb, an albino tetra, 7 or 8 smaller variety vish such as
        tetras, and 3 goldfish which I intend to relocate to an outside pond
        soon. The only fish I absolutely can not get rid of is the red tailed
        shark and Balas because they belong to my boyfriend who was kind
        enough to purchase the $400.00 tank for me! LOL!

        Before anyone says anything about the balas and bigger fish not
        getting along with the others my intentions are to eventually
        separate them into 2 tanks whenever personalities start to clash. So
        far everyone gets along well except the gold fish who are not very
        well liked. I also realize the goldfish cause a build up of nitrates
        so I do frequent water changes every 2 weeks.

        Yes the Krib is the sight I was referring to and I was impressed
        with all the information which is fairly easy to understand for us
        novices. :) I would have never considered that the indoor plant
        sticks would be safe for the fish. I would appreciate the brand name
        and any other advice you can send my way. I'm putting off actually
        changing out the sand I currently have in my tank for the
        vermiculite/soil/sand mixture until I am better researched. I want to
        have it all right before I make such a big change.
        Thanks Again for all your help!

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