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Koi pond and water garden design Now is the time to dream about a new water garden. take the time to research exactly what you want. The needs of a water garden plants are varied so knowing

Jan 15, 2007

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Re: Duckweed mold It sounds like you may have black algae. Jim Payne ... From: "suzy_from_canada" To: Sent: Monday,

Jim and Recca Payne
Jan 2, 2007

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Duckweed mold My duckweed is getting mold! At first, they were just, 'drying up', I thought it was the salt in the water, and then they seem to have got better after I

Jan 1, 2007

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hello fish friends, hello fish friends, I love my fish friends. check out pics on http://petworldforum.com. The pic of the month board has a 50 dollar gift card up for the most

Dec 6, 2006

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Re: Tank Design Just out of curiosity, why are you building the tank so low and narrow? Cement seems like overkill. Why not use wood and coat it with fiberglass? It would

Welaka T. Phishhed
Oct 31, 2006

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Tank Design Greetings, Can some one please send me the framework of building an aquarium. The tank am planning to build will have the bottom and three sides in

Oct 30, 2006

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South Dakota: Aquarium Floating plants Greetings everyone, I have some water lettuce (which displays a beautiful floating root system) and some Riccia (which is also a floating plant) that I would

Aquatic Elf
Oct 26, 2006

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Re: It's Bliss For Your Fish! You are spamming already and I looked at your give away materials. They worth exactly what you are charging for them. Please ban me from this list. _____ From:

Oct 18, 2006

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It's Bliss For Your Fish! If you are new to the world of aquariums or a pro - there is always more you can learn. Pick up a great series of guides that you will be calling your

Oct 18, 2006

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Re: hi Do you intend on connecting your medicine degree with fish breeding? Or is it just a hobby of yours? Did you attend a university here in the United States?

Oct 17, 2006

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September 2006 issue of eBSE available e-Bulletin of Statistics & Economics (eBSE) eBSE, September, 2006 Dear Friends, September 2006 issue of eBSE available to at

Dr. Kaushal K. Srivastava
Sep 15, 2006

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Re: hi Hi Laur... Welcome to the group. Nice blog, well written. Good luck with your studies. You mentioned "medicine", are you studying to be a doctor? Best

Welaka T. Phishhed
Sep 12, 2006

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hi heys, i've just joined the group and i want to introduce myself :) my name is Laur and i am from Romania. i am a medicine student and i have been breeding

Sep 12, 2006

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Fall 2006 : International Journal of Ecological Economics & Statist Dear Researcher, Greetings from International Journal of Ecological Economics & Statistics (IJEES). The online Contents ofFall 2006 of IJEES can be view on www

Dr. Kaushal K. Srivastava
Sep 1, 2006

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Foreground 'carpet' plants wanted Starting up a 55 gallon planted tank after a 3 year 'vacation'... If anyone can spare some foreground 'carpet' plants like dwarf sags, hairgrass, etc I would

Aug 23, 2006
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