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Re: [aprsisce] Understanding of Preferred.

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    ... Yes, that is correct. The most recent view is saved and restored. ... Yes, that s the Preferred view and is also restorable by double-clicking the scale
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2010
      g4mhj@... wrote:
      > Am I correct in thinking that the map that appears at start-up is the same map that was previously being shown when the program was last closed?

      Yes, that is correct. The most recent view is saved and restored.

      > Also, at any time I can goto Screen/Preferred and Restore a previously Stored map.

      Yes, that's the "Preferred" view and is also restorable by
      double-clicking the scale number below the +/- zoom slider.

      > I am wondering if there is a way of holding more than two views. I was used to UI-View where on the toolbar you had button to navigate to another chosen favorite map. I monitor K0ELE in Denver, G3ZCV in Market Deeping, UK and my own area in Greater London so I am forever crossing the pond with the mouse.

      This is an interesting suggestion, multiple, named, saved views. I like
      it. I'll add it to the ToDo list and it will probably appear in the
      Screen / Preferred list between Restore and Save. When you select Save,
      the program will need to prompt for what you'd like to call the view
      with "Preferred" being the default option. Restore will put Preferred
      back and the other user-named views will restore as appropriate.

      I've already got in mind the ability to pop open additional view windows
      centered and tracking another station ("Center in New Window"). These
      additional windows will not have all of the capability of the "main"
      window, but sufficient to manage the local view. I guess I should
      persist what stations you were viewing this way when you close and
      restore them when the station next appears after a restart?

      > Yes, you can Centre a callsign from the list and that station then appears but if the callsign is NOT shown there is no other way of getting from Europe to the USA without a lot of mouse control each time.

      You can zoom out, drag a little, and zoom in, but this is not very
      convenient, I agree. I've got a ToDo to allow for prompting for a
      callsign and getting directly to the station. Boosting the priority of
      that one as well.

      > Apologies if I am missing something obvious here.

      Nope, good suggestions all. And not obvious, but clear now that they've
      been stated! I myself mostly only zoom in on stations that pique my
      curiosity from the scrolling station log, so I've not encountered a
      callsign-specific need, although I have done some digging on occasion
      based on e-mails from various lists (like to find a balloon in flight).
      My attention jumps around so much that I never watch any given station
      for long, but really do want the multi-view windows, so they'll be
      coming as soon as I can re-do some of the internals to support it (move
      static variables into window-specific elements).

      But for now, I need to get some rehearsal time for singing at Good
      Friday Mass this afternoon! 73

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      > Bob..
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