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Igate[] & Digi[] Counts (was: Manual or help files available)

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    The number in the [] on both IGate[] and Digi[] is the count of packets in the current hour that reflected that station s contribution as either after a
    Message 1 of 13 , Apr 4, 2011
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      The number in the [] on both IGate[] and Digi[] is the count of packets
      in the current hour that reflected that station's contribution as either
      after a q-construct (IGate) or as part of the used path (Digi). You can
      see the same counts for previous hours in the station's information
      popup dialog with the label of I+D+G+R (or some combination thereof)
      where each set of + numbers represents an hour from the current into the
      past up to 8 hours previous.

      For instance, WC4PEM, a local IGate shows I+G: 2+246 3+170 meaning that
      I've heard 2 and 3 packets from the station via the APRS-IS and observed
      246 and 170 packets gated by WC4PEM from 8-9 and from 7-8 local time.

      WC4PEM-10, a local Digi, shows I+D: 28+87 26+109 meaning I've heard 28
      and 26 packets from that station (it's also a weather station) as well
      as 87 and 109 packets which indicated that WC4PEM-10 was a used digipeater.

      Looking at WC4PEM on my RF-only IGate (I run it with a zero range so
      nothing (much) should come in from APRS-IS), it shows R: 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 2
      which is only RF-received packets from the station itself. WC4PEM-10,
      on the other hand, shows d+R: 122+15 114+6 51+9 27+9 28+10 47+9 25+6
      49+11 which is much higher counts than the +D above. The (capital) D
      counts the digipeater's involvement in packets from the APRS-IS, which
      means the digi was involved in the first gated packet. The (lowercase)
      d counts the digipeater's involvement in packets received over RF, which
      will not have been subjected to the dupe filter and better reflects the
      digipeater's actual activity.

      WA4ASJ is an interesting station on my RF-only (supposedly) KJ4ERJ-1
      instance. It shows I+R: 0+0 15+2 16+5 11+3 16+3 16+7 16+10 16+10 (yes,
      0+0 as the hour ticked over while I was composing this message. So, if
      WA4ASJ is 31.5 miles SSE of me and I've got a zero range, why am I
      receiving packets via the APRS-IS as well as over RF? javAPRSSrvr, the
      core APRS-IS servers, will deliver packets to IGates from stations that
      have been gated by that IGate for some period of time after the last
      gated message. I believe this is to keep the IGate appraised of the
      previously-gated station's most recent position so that a "freebie"
      position update can be transmitted if/when messages are gated. This is
      part of the work that is upcoming for APRSISCE/32's IGate support.

      So, check out the I+R+D+d+G+?: in various station popup displays,
      especially for RF-linked stations, and see what they can tell you about
      the station over time.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS. The numbers discussed above do NOT represent IGate nor Digi
      activity of your own station. For that, you have to double-click the
      APRS-IS OK pane and see the IGate: GGGG Msg: MM and DigiPeat: DDDD
      numbers. These do not currently count hourly, but are totals since the
      instance was activated. My KJ4ERJ-1 instance is showing IGate: 34,330
      Msg: 28 DigiPeat: 1308 whereas my RF port (TT4, if you send it a ?APRSS)
      shows 468 571 612 434 304 374 410 302 packets / hour over the past 8
      hours. The instance has been running since 2011-04-01 10:08:55 (ME's
      station popup's Up: timestamp).

      On 4/3/2011 8:00 PM, Jeffrey wrote:
      > Ok lots of explanations.. thanks! Guess I will have to check the WIKI
      > and see what it says. Now another issue is I am setup as a DIGI and
      > an I-GATE but strangely enough when I click on my station N9MXT-10 it
      > says IGATE[13] DIGI[0]. This mean my DIGI isn't working??? I never
      > see my DIGI say anything besides 0. However another DIGI is close too
      > me and has DIGI traffic in the []. What do you all think??
      > Jeffrey
      > On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 5:40 PM, Jeffrey<n9mxtham@...> wrote:
      >> Is there a manual or something that is totally explain all the functions and meanings of APRSIS32?? Have a few things I see on menus that confuse me. Like what does qAS stand for when I view another persons info?
      >> Please let me know..
      >> Jeffrey
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