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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Someone inquired about my KJ4ERJ-AP callsign, so I thought I d give you all a list of the -SSIDs I use, just in case you ever receive a message from one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2009
      Someone inquired about my KJ4ERJ-AP callsign, so I thought I'd give you
      all a list of the -SSIDs I use, just in case you ever receive a message
      from one of them. Rest assured, ALL KJ4ERJ-xx are really me (in one
      shape or form). (Yes, this is THE Lynn as I've been referred to
      recently by two completely independent people). (And no, I don't have
      an ego as large as Richard Heene. I'm just trying to further APRS by
      providing a new, update-able, APRS-IS client application.)

      KJ4ERJ - My original IGate, now used for testing and comparing the
      receive abilities of various TNC/Radio combinations vs my primary
      IGate. This is actually a javAPRSsrv IGate callsign related to -5 and
      whatever TNC I hook it up to.

      KJ4ERJ-1 - Don't remember what I used this one for, but it's been idle
      for 9 months

      KJ4ERJ-2 - My primary javAPRSsrv IGate software (related to -6 & -7)

      KJ4ERJ-5 - APRS-IS access callsign for my original IGate KJ4ERJ (w/o SSID)

      KJ4ERJ-6 - APRS-IS access callsign for my primary IGate KJ4ERJ-2 (and -7)

      KJ4ERJ-7 - TinyTrak4/Icom IC-T22A (HT) on a copper cactus at 20' as my
      primary IGate

      KJ4ERJ-8 - Kenwood D7 mobile HT in my car on a 1/4 wave Hershey Kiss
      antenna (on loan from AI4GK)

      KJ4ERJ-9 - Alinco DR-135/T2-135/Nuvi350 in my car on a 5/8 wave dual bander

      KJ4ERJ-10 - UI-View software on my laptop. Interfaces via -IS normally,
      but may go mobile via some TNC in the future.

      KJ4ERJ-12 - APRSISCE for Windows Mobile on my AT&T Tilt phone. This is
      nearly always on, and nearly always with me.

      KJ4ERJ-14 - Formerly an Alinco DR-135/T2-135/Nuvi350 in wife's van.
      This is now KJ4OVQ-9 now that she is licensed!

      KJ4ERJ-15 - Unfiltered feed APRS-IS monitor instance of APRSIS32 (a
      soon-to-be-released APRSISCE for Windows)

      KJ4ERJ-3 - I don't think I've used this one yet!
      KJ4ERJ-4 - Ditto on the not-used-yet
      KJ4ERJ-11 - Haven't used this one yet
      KJ4ERJ-13 - Nope, haven't used it either

      That's the end of the RF-legal SSIDs. The following -SSIDs are used for
      exclusively APRS-IS Internet access:

      KJ4ERJ-AP - APRSIS32 testing instance monitoring APRSISCE for Windows
      Mobile users via u/APWM* filter. I watch the behavior of various tracks
      to validate (or invalidate) features of the client as you all move
      around. It's easier (especially in the latest version with the Message
      option in the station popup menu) to send you a message from this one.

      KJ4ERJ-BK - Originally an APRSIS32 monitoring an APRS-tracked bike ride
      in the Pacific NorthWest, but re-purposed to monitoring Planet Earth for
      posted Earthquakes and Hurricanes (I DO live in Florida, after all). I
      do this with a filter of s/@/@Q and a configured lat/lon just off of 0/0.

      KJ4ERJ-SA - An APRS-IS Satellite monitor using APRSIS32 via a filter of
      s/S/S and also a configured lat/lon just off of 0/0.

      KJ4ERJ-?? - There's another -SSID I've used for Xastir running in a VM,
      but I really don't remember which one it was/is and I haven't
      re-installed VmWare on my laptop since upgrading it to Windows 7 RTM.

      Ok, so you're wondering when you can get a copy of APRSIS32 for
      Windows? I need to implement a way to configure your lat/lon without
      manually editing the XML configuration file. I'd also like to figure
      out a way to allow multiple windows (with custom filters) from a single
      APRSIS32 instance with a single APRS-IS connection running the merged
      filters of all window instances. Right now, I run my own local
      javAPRSsrvr server with a single full feed from which I filter the
      various feeds for my APRSIS32 instances. This works for me, but I
      really want a better way to handle multiple views with a single feed.

      For those of you familiar with UI-View's "local server", that's what I'm
      shooting for within APRSIS32, but with an automatic filter built from
      the various views. Consider the power of this with the new "center on"
      function of APRSISCE and you'll see where I'm headed! I've even
      considered a full-screen version that moves the circles around and
      overlaps/merges them as centered stations get close enough provided the
      circles are running a shared zoom. That's way-out-there, blue-sky
      thinking at the moment though.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile

      PS. On a loosely-related project note, you can see the recent RF APRS
      traffic rates to my IGate at:




      PPS. If you've made it this far, please reply back with your top two or
      three requests for the next release of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile. The
      top one on my list is to be able to drag the map around on the screen
      without hopping from station to station using the Center option. I'm
      hoping for a hold/drag/release interaction to move the map.
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