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Re: APRS-IS client - quick questions

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  • Kevin Jensen
    Thanks Lynn - once again showing that Hams are genius material.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 16, 2009
      Thanks Lynn - once again showing that Hams are genius material.

      On 10/16/09, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh <KJ4ERJ@...> wrote:
      > Kevin Jensen wrote:
      >> Lynn,
      >> I know you are busy. My background is electrical engineering so I am
      >> very curious about the application. Yes I will read more about it in
      >> the groups.yahoo page; but am at work where I do not have access. So
      >> hope you do not mind a couple questions.
      > If you don't mind random delays in getting answers, I certainly don't
      > mind answering them! I hope you don't mind that I copied the answer to
      > the group so that others might benefit.
      >> 1) My cellphone will go into battery save mode after a minute. Will
      >> the APRS-IS client still keep sending beacon points? When I look on
      >> the APRS GOOGLE map of my activity (I am N1KCG-12) it looks like it
      >> stopped after I got on the highway, after about two or three minutes.
      > In my experience, when the phone turns "off" in battery save mode, the
      > GPS is also turned off. My application doesn't muck at all with power
      > settings, so beaconing will stop, but incoming APRS-IS updates will
      > continue.
      >> 2) How rapidly will my battery get drained running APRS-IS? Any data
      >> on its effect on power in a typical cellphone with a GPRS circuit, and
      >> data connectivity?
      > The battery with GPS and APRS-IS active will drain quite quickly. I
      > always plug my phone into a power adapter in the car and only turn off
      > the power savings timer when I KNOW I want to continue tracking. Once
      > in power saver with only a modest-radius APRS-IS feed active, it'll last
      > longer, but still MUCH less than if the client itself were closed or
      > APRS-IS disabled.
      > The client also transmits battery level telemetry. You can see mine at:
      > http://aprs.fi/telemetry/KJ4ERJ-12
      > The week view has some good days in it and the month or year view shows
      > just how mean I've been to my battery. I'm now running an extended
      > capacity battery on my AT&T Tilt. I'm happy with the battery life (3-4
      > hours with full APRS-IS and GPS, 6 hours with only APRS-IS), but I don't
      > like the fact that it no longer fits in my belt clip.
      >> 3) I assume that the APRS-IS client needs a GPS circuit in the
      >> cellphone, and a unlimited data connection. Is that true?
      > Yes, the client relies on a GPSapi-supported GPS unit and sends/receives
      > lots of data so an unlimited plan is highly recommended.
      >> 4) Since I am running WM6 on my cellphone, will the APRS-IS client
      >> run in the background, while I use the phone for other activities?
      >> Can I receive phone calls? Supposing it depends on the cellphone, but
      >> that most that can run the APRS-IS client under WM6 might be able to
      >> handle the multitasking.
      > The application will continue to run in the background, but the ability
      > to maintain a data connection while receiving calls is up to the
      > cellular provider and the infrastructure around you. I've had calls go
      > straight to voice-mail in some cells. I've had the data connection stop
      > when the phone rang and resume when I terminated the voice call. And
      > I've had the data connection continue operating while talking on the
      > phone. And these were all on the SAME phone, just in different
      > geographical areas.
      > Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile
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