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Re: [aprsisce] NWS alerts and servers

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    ... Actually, based on the most recent input from Pete, this is actually not the best way to access the FireNet feed. ... I d really like to know how you
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 26, 2011
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      On 2/26/2011 3:57 PM, James Ewen wrote:
      Okay, so I downloaded the shapefiles, and created a new port to tie
      into the firenet feed.

      Actually, based on the most recent input from Pete, this is actually not the best way to access the FireNet feed.

      If I go to Configure | NWS the last entry in the menu under NWS Entry
      Servers is blank but has a check mark beside it.

      I'd really like to know how you managed to do this, but I'll see when I receive your XML file.

      Under Enables | RF Ports, the firenet port shows up as the name I used
      (Weather), but how would I go about disabling the APRS-IS main server
      feed so I'm not connecting to 2 servers at the same time? Is that the
      APRS-IS Enable now that we also have the ability to enable/disable
      Internet Access in that same menu?

      You really don't want to do that.  According to what we've learned from Pete, the best way to access FireNet is to simply change Configure / Ports / APRS-IS / Device to point to firenet.us port 14580 rather than the current APRS-IS server that you're using.  Once you do that, you can disable and subsequently delete your new CWOP/FireNet/(Weather) port as it will not be necessary.

      Enable / Internet Access will kill ALL access to the internet if you uncheck it.  APRS-IS, CWOP, Map Tile Fetching, About version checking... It all gets turned off with that one switch.

      Hierarchical menus would help a bunch, especially if global enable
      switches were to grey out things that they disable. 

      Define Hierarchical for me?  Global things like "Internet Access" affect things that would otherwise have no reason to be hiding under a single menu.  Besides, Windows doesn't support selecting to toggle a menu item that also is the parent of a cascading menu.  So the global option would still need to have a second entry to generate the affected cascade, or the Enable/Disable would have to be the first entry at the top of a cascade, but then what do you call the cascade?

      I purposely do NOT disable the menu options that are affected by the global options so that you can disable the global and still go muck around with how you want the detailed entries to be configured. Then you can turn the global back on and be instantly in the configuration that you want.

      Having ethernet
      ports mixed in with the RF ports is a little counter intuitive.

      Agreed, the Enables / RF Ports cascade will be renamed to Enables / Ports since it contains both "flavors" of ports.  This also brings it in line with Configure / Ports.

      I also tried the Show Me item for NWS shapes, but the first thing it
      did was pop open a multi-track window for the Aleutian Islands even
      though I was looking at a close zoom of Edmonton Alberta.

      There are marine zones that overlap some land areas (especially when rounded out to their coverage rectangles) and extend FAR out to sea (like covering 1/2 of the Pacific Ocean).  That might be one of the ones you triggered.  What was the MultiTrack title?  It shows the responsible office as well as the Zone ID and description.

      I zoomed out to look at some of the USA, and tried again. I got more
      multi-track windows popping up. From what I read about show me, is
      that it was supposed to show the shapefiles for the area you are
      looking at... that obviously must be a misunderstanding on my part.

      I think your understanding was correct, but it's ShowMe brings up MultiTracks for each zone involving the dead center point of the screen, not the "area you are looking at" as that would be WAY too many zones depending on your zoom level.  So, point the center at the area of interest, then do Configure / NWS Shapes / ShowMe.

      For instance, if you center on one of my KJ4ERJ stations (say Screen / Follow / Find / KJ4ERJ-AP), you should get 4 MultiTracks with the names shown below (in the latest dev version - your's might have a ZZZ- prefix).  Of course, if you don't have the same shapefiles as I do, your results may be different.  They areas will stay highlighted green for between 1 and 2 minutes at which point the MultiTracks will either close or turn gray depending on Configure / NWS / Popup MultiTrack / Close On Expire.

      All of this is on WinXP.

      Hopefully that won't make any difference on this particular function!

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS. The various Shape* trace logs may not be very readable, but they can provide some insights into the operation of the ShapeFile support, especially if enabled when you do the ShowMe.

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