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Yep, another new release!

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Trust me, they ll start slowing down, but here s the skinny on this one: The real reason for the quick release is that I found and fixed a bug in the map
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2010
      Trust me, they'll start slowing down, but here's the skinny on this one:

      The real reason for the quick release is that I found and fixed a bug in
      the map drawing on Windows Mobile. Under some circumstances, you could
      end up staring at a white screen. The menus and everything worked, it
      just wouldn't SHOW you anything. It is fixed.

      Also, if you disable your GPS just as Genius Beaconing is about to
      transmit, the client will begin beaconing at the configured Min Time
      rate, typically 10 or 15 seconds. This is decidedly NOT good, so please
      upgrade to this version!

      Added some AGW diagnostics on startup. Anyone running AGW, particularly
      a multi-channel installation, please send a copy of your APRSIS32.LOG
      file to KJ4ERJ@.... It should show the configuration and recently
      heard station list as well as the AGW version. This is a test, it is
      only a test, of new communications to AGW.

      The GPS Fix box (lower right corner) now disappears completely if a GPS
      is not configured. Also, if you have a GTRANS cable, it will now say
      Fix or Fix(D) rather than No Fix which was caused by not getting $GPGSA
      or $GPGSV strings from the GTRANS. (See below for the sentences now
      supported by NMEA thanks to Fred N7FMH).

      If a message exhausts its retries, it will now wait for a beacon from
      the intended recipient. When that happens, a new set of retries is
      initiated, but only once. (One additional set, not just one more
      transmission). If you look at the Pending Messages, it will say Final
      if it exhausted once, or FINAL if it retried a second set.

      Popup menus with a single station have been re-configured so you do not
      need to cascade them. The station ID is now the option for Info in this

      You'll see a new View / Symbols submenu with Mobile and Weather
      filters. These are based on the station symbol. Eventually you'll be
      able to make your own custom symbol filter set as well.

      Finally, thanks to Bradley, KC9GQR, the Screen / Tracking submenu now
      shows checks if a tracked station or Me is at the center. Note that if
      Locked is checked, the others may be checked as well pending receipt of
      the next position update. The bottom of the screen is still more
      reliable at telling you what you're really doing.


      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32




      PS. The short version looks longer than the long version!

      Shuffled one line of code in painting the maps that should result in
      less time staring at whitespace in certain circumstances.

      Send AGW a Version request, Heard stations list, and Port list command
      at startup to learn more about talking to it.

      Remove the GPS Fix box (lower right corner) if a GPS isn't even
      configured (Win32-only)

      Change Tracking(xxxxx-n) and Awaiting(xxxx-n) to Track() and Await() to
      fit on small Windows Mobile screens (both versions)

      Retransmit messages on beacon reception, but only ONE addition retry set
      (Final vs FINAL)

      Corrected a high-speed (Genius / Min Time Rate) beacon if GPS is
      disabled while moving, now drops back to Max Time rate while disabled

      In the absence of a $GPGSA NMEA string (like from a GTRANS cable) to
      provide 2D or 3D fix type, the Fix pane (lower right) will display Fix
      or Fix(D) if coordinates are available instead of the "No Fix" it was
      displaying. APRSISCE/32 interprets the following NMEA strings: RMC,
      GGA, GSA, GSV and now (hopefully) GLL (Fred N7FMH)

      Expanded the Fix pane width to fit Fix(D). Previously it barely fit

      If a popup menu has only one station, it is stacked instead of
      cascaded. The station ID is the same as Info in the cascade.

      Correct s subtle bug when the OSM tile bitmap (in memory) cache gets
      flushed to zero. Was causing a heap memory corruption on Windows Mobile...

      Remove a completely unused path from messages gated from IS to RF.
      Still reading on the proper approach to the 3rd party packet.

      Changed default Station.MinAge from 60 to 80 minutes and Station.MaxAge
      from 0 (unlimited) to 120 per http://www.aprs.org/aprs11.html. This
      will not affect existing installations, but ony new installations.
      Stations fade out between Min and Max age, but may disappear abruptly
      beyond MinAge if Stations.MaxCount is exceeded. If MaxAge is 0,
      stations don't fade, but will be removed when Stations.MaxCount is reached.

      If you fade the OSM maps completely out (left arrow a bunch), it now
      draws Lat/Lon lines at 10 degree intervals. If you have a global feed,
      the effect is quite interesting.

      Support View/Symbols/(Custom/Mobile/Weather) as additional filters per
      symbol definitions on http://www.aprs.org/aprs11.html. Custom will be
      configurable in the future, both primary and alternate table symbols,
      but NOT overlays.

      Check the appropriate entry in Tracking menu for Center (other) or Me
      (me/center) (Bradley KC9GQR)
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