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RE: [aprsisce] Minor details.

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    ... Hi Lynn, Sorry, I didn t mean to imply that ExpertGPS uses the OSM tiles. James had mentioned that RadioMobile does use the OSM tile set and the file
    Message 1 of 45 , Mar 1, 2010
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      >> I found the tile collection is an interesting item. While I don't use
      >> anything else that uses the OSM tiles it is a bone of contention for
      >> me. I started using ExpertGPS about 10 years ago. And I have thousands
      >> of tiles saved of the topo, aerial and urban variety. I messed around
      >> with USAPhotomaps as well. I really didn't want to dedicate another
      >> large portion to the same tile set. I looked at TopoFusion as well.
      >> That was the end of that; another tile collection. I stuck with E-GPS.
      >> I can't say I went wrong, it is a great package.
      > Can you provide links to the packages you mention. I googled E-GPS, but
      > didn't find any references in the top hits that implied tile caching.
      > Depending on what tiles they install and/or maintain, you MIGHT be able
      > to share a directory tree between them and APRSISCE.

      Hi Lynn,

      Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that ExpertGPS uses the OSM tiles.

      James had mentioned that RadioMobile does use the OSM tile set and the file
      structure is almost the same. At least that is the way I understood his
      comments. And I have not researched RadioMobile so I have no comment
      regarding it. I think the point is that standardizing the way the tiles are
      saved would be handy. In an ideal situation, the filenames would be same as
      what is served up and in the same tree structure.

      This was James comments for quick referral:
      "I use a program called RadioMobile that also uses the OSM tiles for
      creating a background map. RadioMobile saves the tiles in almost the
      exact same way as APRSIS32, but with just a slight naming difference.
      APRSIS32 uses a file structure such as OSM12/748/1334.png whereas
      RadioMobile saves the exact same tile under the file structure

      I notice this in the XML:

      Maybe James can edit this line to support RadioMobile and APRSISCE?


      The program I mentioned, ExpertGPS, can be found here:

      I use "E-GPS" for short. I have the GIS/CAD version.

      It uses the Teraserver tile set. My point was that in the software world
      that is using the USGS tile sets, everyone has a different way to file and
      use. Case in point: the USAPhotoMap implementation is totally different when
      compared with the E-GPS implementation. It requires twice the download if
      the same tileset is used for each package.

      My ExpertGPS topographic and aerial tile collection (USGS Tiles/Teraserver)
      is a good size.
      Type 1 (aerial) 3.79GB on disk in 442,587 Files, 72 Folders.
      Type 2 (topo) 5.18GB on disk in 350,089 Files, 65 Folders.
      Type 4 (urban) 68.2MB on disk in 11,488 files, 26 folders.

      It is a part of the software from: http://www.topografix.com/
      There have a nifty free GPS management package called EasyGPS:
      http://www.easygps.com/ (no mapping)
      For those that Geocache: http://www.geobuddy.com/

      BTW, the E-GPS author was the designer of the GPX format or at least very
      much involved.

      Dan Foster is another author that has been very responsive to his customers.
      That is one reason I stay with TopoGrafix.

      For APRS, I will stay with your software even though the mobile market is
      your main goal. Everything I see so far is good. First off, you are
      responsive. This doesn't mean you add everything people want but that you
      are addressing items on a regular basis and provide answers. Second, the
      software is expanding. I can only imagine where APRSISCE is heading. And, of
      course we all have our desires. ;)

      Thanks again!!

      Best regards,
    • Fred Hillhouse
      ... I did a bit ago and there are new tiles! Totally awesome! ... Apparently my recent poking around stimulated the renderer! ... I see the berserk yellow
      Message 45 of 45 , Mar 5, 2010
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        > >> I'm anxious to hear how expanding the Cycle Map tiles turns out

        > > It is pretty ugly on the areas without enough resolution. But hopefully
        > > that will only get better over time as more tiles become available.

        > Have you gone back to look at the areas in question again?

        I did a bit ago and there are new tiles! Totally awesome!

        > The Cycle Map tiles are created on demand. The whole world hasn't been
        > rendered at all resolutions. It requires that someone ask for the
        > tiles before they get rendered.

        Apparently my recent poking around stimulated the renderer!

        > On the OSM site, when you try to look
        > at an area that hasn't been rendered, that is all that is required to
        > request a tile be rendered. It looks like when you try to get a tile
        > with APRSISCE/32, that also creates a render request. I have lots of
        > tiles for my area. When I first looked at an area, the yellow circle
        > went out, then it went bezerk. However, after a bit, it settled down.

        I see the berserk yellow circle too. It seems to play havoc as I "drive"

        Fred, N7FMH
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