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RE: [aprsisce] Use of Alternate Map Source

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Hi Tom, I know that Lynn answered you but maybe my perspective and usage will benefit. Right off, if you are planning on using APRSIS32 for navigating, it will
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      Hi Tom,
      I know that Lynn answered you but maybe my perspective and usage will benefit.
      Right off, if you are planning on using APRSIS32 for navigating, it will be basically similar as buying paper maps in advance. You can see the roads but not get directions. This is not a bad thing by the way. It may get navigating in the future as the OSM group progresses. Also, I find the light pastels to be difficult to see while mobile. That can't be changed. I do prefer APRS functions first.
      You can use a second package to do the navigating and run it concurrently it you are using a laptop, netbook, or probably even a tablet. Microsoft Map Point may be an option and DeLorme has options as well. I only know of them and do not have an opinion about them either way since I have not used either.
      It is sometimes more practical to use map software for map purposes and APRS software for APRS. Even though they both use maps, the similarity pretty much ends there.
      I have have one COM port listening to my GPS and a program to share it with multiple COM ports.
      For APRS, I use APRSIS32 and it receives the GPS data stream.
      For the last 10 years or so, I have used ExpertGPS which was started using the USGS topographic, aerial photos and Urban aerial photos located on the MS TeraServer. It also can use scanned maps. I have charts which are interesting to map-tour up and down the coast. Recently, it has been updated to use the OSM tiles as well. This is one program that receives the GPS data. It also does not do navigation. I can however load in a GPX track or route that I have planned.
      I define "navigation" as a system that provides some turn by turn assistance kind of like that person sitting on the other side, which in my case, is my wife.
      For each of these programs, I plan ahead. I can move the map around and each program will grab tiles as needed for viewing. My current tile repository or OSM and TS tiles is huge and is continually growing as I explore more areas on the maps. This actually works very well. I have the tile purging turned off for APRSIS32. I know the OSM tiles may be updated and I will not get the latest but for the most part, they are complete for my use here in the US. The USGS tiles are out of date and will never be updated in their current form. I am used to that.
      When I am running these programs mobile, they run in little windows "tiled" on the main screen. Then, if I want more detail I can double-click on the header bar and get full screen quickly. The double-clicking on the header bar again will put it back to where it started. I try to make things easy while mobile. Ever notice how easy it is to move around on the newer GPS receivers? Big buttons and big icons go a long way.
      I am running an old Compac Armada at 500MHz, 256MB RAM and WinXP Pro. I have three programs running and all listen to the GPS. In addition to the two above, I have Compass running. It does a basic track which is not needed; mainly I use it to display/record vehicle vital signs. It is connected with an OBDII adapter. The laptop has about 80% CPU utilization. A new and faster laptop will help, but I say this to let you know what can be accomplished with little.
      By the way, if traveling in MA, there is a wicked cool set of topographical maps that will work in APRSISxx. It will take minimum work to use them. I think Lynn will add multiple sets of OSM tiles to be accessed without running a second or third instance in the future. Currently, I have the standard tiles which covers the roadways, CycleMap tiles for general topographic use and the MA topographic set. "Wicked" is a synonym for 'awesome' or 'awesomely'. It is a New England usage primarily.
      I hope something here has been helpful!
      Happy New Year!
      Best regards,

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      In the wiki on map prefetch you mention "There's a menu option under View / Maps / Prefetch that will handle the prefetching of the maps".  I do not see this.  I see an option under Screen/Map/Prefetch which is also mentioned in the wiki.  This particular option does not appear to be permanent and has to be turned on each time.  Is there an option that stays on and automatically fetches maps as I move around?
      I saw in previous posts where you mention potential support for maps like precision mapping.  This would be a great feature in my opinion.  This is the one feature that is lacking that I think puts Ui-View ahead for us using the program in a mobile environment.  When we are RVing I don't always know where I will be spending the night and I also have the ability to run the program while on the move and it is hard to prefetch maps when you are traveling hundreds of miles a day.  APRSIS, as I have discovered, is much easier to get up and running for us new folks as you have seen from my traffic on the other group.

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