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Re: [aprsisce] D7 Beaconing

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Anyone else out there using APRSISCE/32 with a D7 or a D700 in KISS mode? See if my answers make sense or correct as necessary. As far as I recall, the D7
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      Anyone else out there using APRSISCE/32 with a D7 or a D700 in KISS
      mode? See if my answers make sense or correct as necessary.

      As far as I recall, the D7 only supports KISS mode interfacing to
      APRSISCE/32. If you configure a new KISS port, it will default to the
      proper <OpenCmd>s to set the D7 into KISS mode, provided that the D7
      isn't already doing APRS mode. Only the D710 supports APRS-mode
      operation with APRSISCE/32.

      If the D7 isn't transmitting, it can be due to multiple things. It may
      not have made it into KISS mode (probably not the cause as you indicate
      that packets are being received from the D7 into a KISS port on
      APRSISCE/32). The D7 may be hearing noise (squelch open) causing it to
      think it shouldn't transmit. I'm not sure what other reasons there
      might be.

      The Transmit log should show (IS+RF) and the RfPort's log should show
      packets being transmitted with words like "Payload" and whatnot as the
      binary KISS packet is constructed. Once the KISS packet goes out the
      COMM port, it's all up to the D7 to put it on the air.

      If I had a D7 here, I would connect to it with a terminal emulator and
      walk you through the commands to manually trigger a transmission from
      the TNC, but I don't have access to one. If you've got a terminal
      emulator and the D7, you should be able to talk to the TNC directly, put
      it into CONVerse mode and type something to trigger a transmission. If
      that doesn't trigger the transmitter, then there's something not set
      correctly in the D7 and I'm out of my league.

      As for the "awaits KC9QOW" when you changed your callsign, that's
      because before the change you were probably centered on "Me". When you
      changed, it was still wanting to center on the old -SSID which it was
      then awaiting. When you changed back, it found itself and was happy again.

      It's only the D710 that supports two simultaneously active callsigns.
      The D700 and D7 operate in KISS mode so APRSISCE/32 will have total
      control and the D7/D700 will simply be a TNC to the program. All
      internal APRS functions are disabled while in KISS mode.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      huf1967 wrote:
      > I've recently got my D7 semi working with APRSIS32. I'm receiving stations as I should but I'm not beaconing on RF. After reading through many other posts I've got a couple of questions.
      > According to my logs it appears as though I'm beaconing. The log report says that it's queuing my call and then appears to beacon but it never gets received on my buddies radio with him sitting next to me. The transmit log shows roughly the same info in the fact that I'm beaconing.
      > Should I be seeing something in the XML file under the RF port section concerning APRS issuing TNC commands for my radio to beacon ?? I'm only seeing the general beacon for CourseSpeed, altitude, ect. I am seeing where the APRSIS32 is putting my radio into KISS mode but nothing else.
      > I've read the post concerning which item is supposed to be in control and I would like APRSIS32 to be running the show but according to my settings I don't know what, if anything, is running the show. In APRSIS32 I've got beaconing set at minimum every 3 minutes but I don't see my call sign appearing in the call list every 3 minutes. In fact my call sign appears in the call list in sporadic intervals. By sporadic I mean not according to ANY of the other settings. I can change heading by more than 30 degrees and nothing, I can go past the time limits and nothing, I can go past the distance settings and nothing, but then my station pops up in the station list twice in 2 minutes and then nothing again for another 15 minutes. Is this normal ?? It doesn't appear to work that way on the version I have on my phone.
      > I did try something different last night and didn't understand the results. I have my call set in my radio and the call in APRSIS32 as the same. I changed the call in APRSIS32 and added "-7" and when I started the program just above the GPS signal bars in the center of the map it read "awaits KC9QOW". I then changed the call on my radio to read differently just to see if it changed in the program and it didn't. I then changed everything back to the way it was and the "awaits KC9QOW" went away !! Why is this happening and does this have anything to do with my problem ??
      > Is there a TNC command that I can add to the XML file that will tell my radio to beacon at certain intervals ?? If so do I just add it anywhere in the XML file or does it go in a certain place ??
      > Thanks,
      > Jay - KC9QOW
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