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Re: [aprsisce] APRS, ISS & TCPIP Packets

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    ... So, are you using a sound-card program with this connection? Or is it just hooked up and unused? ... as not applicable ... Yep, that ll give you
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      On 8/29/2013 2:01 PM, pfbram@... wrote:

      The Data communications cable is plugged into the back of the TM-V71A DATA port.
      The other ends are plugged into the PC soundcard:
      * The cable with the green tape is plugged into the Microphone jack (the bottom jack).
      * The cable with the pink tape is plugged into the Line In jack (the middle jack).

      So, are you using a sound-card program with this connection?  Or is it just hooked up and unused?

      Option A:
      <snip> as not applicable

      Option B (ordinarily what I do):
      If using this rig as an APRS/Packet station, the Serial cable is plugged instead into the back of the RC-D710's COM port.

      Yep, that'll give you access to the internal TNC.

      ....What I usually do when working the ISS is to hit the 'BCON' button on the rig itself.

      Ok, that correlates to what I see in the packets, they were/are generated by the D710.  I assume you've set the path in the D710 to ARISS?

      Then I mainly lean on APRSISCE for RX, mapping, and igating (reporting successful RX of other stations).   Looks like I'm occasionally reporting myself.  I believe I've set my callsign as just KD0KZE, no SSID.  Though I'll likely need to add one soon, since I'm getting a TH-D72A and will attempt HT work with my satellite antenna (presumably, KD0KZE-7).  The D710 is technically a mobile rig, but I use it stationary at home with the internet, so -0 seems to make the most sense there.  If you omit the SSID, does it default to -0?

      Yes, KD0KZE is a -0 SSID which is always suppressed.

      I suspect you've got APRSIS32 configured as KD0KZE as well.  Unless you know what you're doing and understand the ramifications of your actions, I highly recommend giving each piece of APRS hardware and software it's own unique -SSID.  That way you'll be able to tell which packets are coming from where.

      The Kwd710(APRS) port type of APRSIS32 stretches this a bit, but it can get very confusing if you run both the D710 and APRSIS32 as the same callsign-SSID.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

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