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Re: [aprsisce] what callsign to use in APRS while abroad

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  • Bela Markus
    Hi, generic rules for US HAMs visiting a CEPT country: http://www.arrl.org/cept-information If you are in Hungary e.g. you must use HA/K1KKK callsign. Rules
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      generic rules for US HAMs visiting a CEPT country:


      If you are in Hungary e.g. you must use HA/K1KKK callsign. Rules for /M /MM /P still valid, so by paper a mobil station must use HA/K1KKK/M including APRS. As AX.25 addrssing doesn't make it possible, the only way to transmit it as a beacon comment trext periodically. No erequirement for CW or voice, as AX.25 is plain, public and anybody can read includin the authorities.

      This is another story wether authirity is interested in APRS visitor's monitoring or not, varying country by country.

      Practice is, at least seen in the air that everybody is using APRS as it is without changing text at border crossing.

      Béla, HA5DI

      2013.07.28. 17:31 keltezéssel, ve6srv@... írta:

      I can't speak to any EU rules, but in Canada, the rules are clearly spelt out.

      You must identify by voice or CW. You can leave your APRS packet settings alone as they aren't considered a means of identification. If your APRS device can send CW, that's what you would need to worry about changing.

      In reality, we discourage the configuration of CWID on APRS.

      APRS packets generally contain the operator's callsign, and a location, which provides more information than a CWID.

      The intent of station identification is to allow the licensing authority to determine the origin of a particular transmission, and the information included in the APRS packet provides a means of identifying the station.

      There are rules and then there's reality. Industry Canada pretty much leaves the amateur community to look after itself, and we tend to play within the intent of the law, if not within the letter of the law.

      I work in commercial radio at work, and have had an Industry Canada Inspector tell me that station identification is not a "necessity". I had a customer complaining about the beeping on their radios, and they wanted it turned off.

      The official rule is station ID every 30 minutes, but IC doesn't enforce the rule in the commercial world, and they care even less about the amateur world.

      The operation of your station is ultimately your responsibility, and you must decide how you implement the rules.

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      Dear List Members

      Good afternoon.

      I had been searching for definitive information on the above, and my
      google search with various keyword combinations over the last few days
      proved to be useless. Hence, I am putting the question forward to the
      group with a hope that someone has some information that they can point
      me to.

      Supposing you are a ham in the UK with full license. Now, you can go to
      a EU country for a few days, and use your radio with your own callsign
      preceded by local country prefix. But what do you do with APRS? Do you
      need to change that callsign too while abroad?

      The reason I'm asking is because I am slightly uncertain, and unable to
      find any definitive information on this. First of all, APRS is
      "automated" as opposed to human controlled (like voice, cw, etc which
      requires physical human interaction). Second, suppose you are driving,
      and your vehicle has one of the good old day APRS devices that require
      computers to change any settings. Are you going to stop at the border,
      and maybe find a suitable computer nearby and change the callsign? or
      are you not going to bother about it at all?

      As stated, I have not been able to find a suitable definitive answer to
      this anywhere. so I've decided to push the questions to other groups --
      with a hope that someone somewhere will know where to look and maybe
      point me to the right direction.

      Thank you all


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