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Re: Argent Data T3-Micro Initial Look

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  • KE6BB
    Hello all, I ve had relatives visiting all week, so the progress on the cable was very slow. I did get the commercial TRRS to 2X TRS modified so the S
    Message 1 of 18 , Jul 27, 2013
      Hello all,

      I've had relatives visiting all week, so the progress on the cable was very slow. I did get the commercial "TRRS to 2X TRS" modified so the S terminals are common (ground), and the proper signals go to the proper places. For the splitter that I got, it was really just a case of swapping the R2 wire and the S wire. Didn't know that until I really had it hacked up, though because it was impossible to tell where they had made the wires "common". It wasn't obvious until I got everything opened up.

      I got the T3-Micro to transmit and decode with the cable lashed up with clip leads on the table, then soldered everything together. Before I heated the heat-shrink tubing, I decided to try it again. Well, it had some problems. No TX or RX decode at all. Tried some quick checks thinking that a solder connection had come lose, but the end-to-end checks looked good. I really didn't have time to troubleshoot it much, though. As I think back, I may have turned the radio's audio down to eliminate the noise (APRS packets from the local digi) while I was soldering, and forgot to turn it back up. Not sure why the TX light would not light up. I will figure it all out, but it does take time. I need to sit down with this thing and the otwincfg.exe utility. The utility has some good tools.

      The best thing Argent Data could do is offer a splitter cable that is wired for this thing. Us shaky handed old guys would be happy to buy it. In the meantime, I am convinced that my cable making days are over...at least for anything smaller than RG-8 <g>!

      Early tomorrow, I am off on a week-long drive to the midwest (KE6BB-2) but I won't be using the T3-Micro as planned. I will try to publish better setup instructions and some schematics of my splitter cable mod when I get back.

      Once again, thank you Lynn, for the great program. One of the reasons I bought the T3-Micro was to have an excuse to mess with APRSIS32 again.

      KE6BB-2 (all week)

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "KE6BB" <rv6amark@...> wrote:
      > I finally received a cable that splits out the TRRS (Tip, Ring1, Ring2, Shield) connector into two TRS (Tip, Ring, Shield also known as 3.5mm stereo) connectors...
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