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Re: Deleting a Map Tile Set

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  • KE6BB
    Fred, Your experience with the default set matches mine what I have observed. Now that I know that moving entire XML blocks will change the menu order, I plan
    Message 1 of 20 , Jun 27, 2013

      Your experience with the default set matches mine what I have observed.

      Now that I know that moving entire XML blocks will change the menu order, I plan to go in and overhaul my entire map hierarchy, both file locations and menu order. That should allow me to share maps between the three or four platforms that I have the program on. I was delaying that only because I wasn't sure how to change the menu order. No more excuses now!

      Now if I could just right click on a tile that I see needs updating and tell it to delete only that tile...

      Always good to hear from you.


      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Fred Hillhouse" <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:
      > Hi Mark,
      > Nice to know it helped! I was changing ALL the numbers every time I wanted
      > to reorder the menu. It was by accident, or was it a test, I found out the
      > numbers don't matter. What did seem to matter is what the default set was.
      > So I always "accept" the default tiles before closing and editing. Just
      > above "<!--TileServer[0]-->" there is a group starting with "<OSM.". I seem
      > to remember the last set "accepted" ends up there. Changing the set by
      > Toolbar-->Screen-->Tile Set does not change the file as far as I can tell.
      > I have about 74 tilesets and I could add another 8-10 right now that I found
      > the other day. As I said earlier not all are useful. The radar tiles are a
      > bit useless without a map behind them.
      > I tend to put my most common near the top. By doing do, I don't have to
      > scroll to the bottom as much.
      > My most common it the default tiles (OSM). After that I use some
      > topographical and then satellite imagery. I do put all of one type inline so
      > all on my ArcGIS sets are together. This does hamper keeping the common at
      > the top but not really too much of a problem. I really need to go back in
      > and work on the list again!
      > One thing that would be real handy is if the tile sets were kept in a
      > different XML and allowed user comments. I keep a separate file for keeping
      > track of the URL I find. I keep links to the images in the file for quick
      > "copy and paste" into the browser address field.
      > Best regards,
      > Fred N7FMH
      > _____
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      > Of KE6BB
      > Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013 10:23
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      > Subject: [aprsisce] Re: Deleting a Map Tile Set
      > Re Fred's comment: >>You can totally rearrange the TileServer blocks into
      > any order you like and APRSISCE/32 will renumber them. I add new tile sets
      > anytime I come across a new one. Afterwards I reorder them to suit my
      > desired menu order. I put my most common at the top of the section.<<
      > Thank you, Fred. This is good information. I was thinking about deleting
      > many of the old tile sets that I no longer use. (You have suggested so many
      > to try!) I also wanted move the order in which they show up in the menu so
      > that I don't have to scroll down so much to switch between the commonly used
      > sets. Now I can go in and do it.
      > This is a good example of a post that helps out more folks than just the
      > original thread poster. I may have been lurking lately, but I still actively
      > use APRSIS32. Nothing else even comes close!
      > Mark
      > KE6BB
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