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Re: [aprsisce] Alinco DR-135 dropping out / Using a TM-D710

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    First: http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/what-am-i-missing ... The Alinco TNC is not long-term reliable in many people s experience. Get a T3-135 and you ll be MUCH
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 15, 2013
      First: http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/what-am-i-missing

      On 4/15/2013 9:26 AM, Howard wrote:
      I'm getting set for a training session later this week when I'll try to get my RAYNET group sending APRS Messages to each other.  For testing I've set up APRSIS32 with IS access, and connected to an Alinco DR-135 (with Alinco's own TNC Installed) and configured its port in APRSIS32 for KISS.

      The Alinco TNC is not long-term reliable in many people's experience.  Get a T3-135 and you'll be MUCH happier.

      Firstly it seems to need the TNC to be engaged on the radio (<Func><SQL/D>) before starting APRSIS32, or to have the port started and stopped after turning on the TNC, or it won't play, so I assume there's an initialisation needed.  No problem - I know that now!

      Yes, the TNC needs to be powered up by the radio before it can accept the configuration for KISS mode from APRSISCE/32.

      But I'm finding that after a while of operating OK, I notice that there's no reaction to RF activity (nothing sent, no response to received packets), and I have to recycle the TNC and the port for it to get going again.  It seems the TNC and APRSIS32 seem to lose contact with no obvious reason.  Any ideas why, and what I can do to stop it?

      Yep, the EJ-41 just goes stupid after operating for a while.  A power reset is the only thing that seems to recover it, and of course then you need to disable/enable the port in APRSISCE/32 to get it re-configured into KISS mode.

      The only way to stop it is to replace it with a more robust TNC like the T3-135.  It's a drop-in, plug compatible replacement and "just works".

      Since this is proving unreliable I may use my TM-D710 for the training instead - are there any hints on doing this with the '710 in APRS (rather than Packet) Mode?

      I would not recommend the Kwd710(APRS) port type in APRSISCE/32 for training or demonstrations.  You really need to understand the power struggle between the radio "owning" the TNC and APRSISCE/32 using non-documented commands to force mode changes on the TNC when it wants/needs to transmit.  And then there's the MYCALL struggle between the radio and the software.

      If you want to use a D710 in place of the Alinco, then use it as just that.  Make it a KISS type port and use the D710 as a KISS TNC.  It'll be less confusion IM(NS)HO.

      Finally, is there an explanation of the colour-coding of the station-list on the left of the APRSIS32 screen? 


       And also for the sounds it makes - the "Donk!" sound, and the two piano-sounding notes, the second a few tones above the first?  I've watched the screen to see if I can spot what they coincide with, but no luck so far!

      If I had to guess, it's either the GPS losing and acquiring lock, or the cellular data dropping and re-acquiring the APRS-IS connection on a roam.

      APRSISCE/32 triggers Windows sounds (MessageBeep - http://tinyurl.com/dx7sjrh) on various events.  Eventually I hope to support custom sounds, but for now you live with what you have configured in Windows:

      GPS Locked - MB_OK
      APRS-IS OK - MB_OK
      Inbound Message Received (for ME) - MB_ICONINFORMATION
      Outbound Message Ack Received - MB_ICONINFORMATION
      New Bulletin Received (if Enabled) - MB_ICONINFORMATION

      (Note: I just copied this into http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/sounds which was previously just TBD)

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS.  From MessageBeep's page:

      MB_OK - The sound specified as the Windows Default Beep sound.
      MB_ICONINFORMATION - The sound specified as the Windows Asterisk sound.
      MB_ICONWARNING - The sound specified as the Windows Exclamation sound.

      Howard  G1BYY
      Mid-Herts RAYNET

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