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Re: [aprsisce] Feature Request

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    I agree with Adam which is why I don t delete them. I ve had auto-deleter s do things before that I wish they hadn t. One person s definition of too old
    Message 1 of 69 , Feb 15, 2013
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      I agree with Adam which is why I don't delete them.  I've had auto-deleter's do things before that I wish they hadn't.  One person's definition of "too old" can be dramatically different than another person's.  And it gets even worse when the computer's date gets scrogged (yes, we had a production system one time whose corporate-supplied time server leaped a decade ahead, our data purgers noticed and deleted ALL data from their system... ugly).

      The .LOG files do rotate and then delete, so they're not (as much of) an issue provided that you restart the client every now and then.  I am considering an auto-rotate of *.LOGs every calendar day to account for those instances that rarely restart (like my own WebDT366-based Igate).

      Deleteing the old dated .EXE and .XMLs will be left as an exercise to the user for the foreseeable future.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      On 2/15/2013 7:16 AM, Adam Mahnke wrote:
      I've had to go back to old files before, especially with the Dev version.

      Auto delete might be a little premature unless it's for the general release.

      Just my opinion

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      A new release??? I thought the about button was broke. :) hi hi

      Anyway. What is the possibility of of "old" files being auto deleted? Like old EXE and log files. I looked in my Aprsisce directory and couldn't believe all the old EXE files, and how big the log files were. I very rarely check for that stuff, and sure others do the same. Just a little suggestion.

      Thanks, Kevin

    • Steve
      I just found software that does what I want Habrotate pulls info from the Habitat database and feeds to pstRotator and pstRotator has an APRS option. Have just
      Message 69 of 69 , Jun 29, 2014
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        I just found software that does what I want

        Habrotate pulls info from the Habitat database and feeds to pstRotator and pstRotator has an APRS option.

        Have just paid for pstRotator and waiting for a registration code was only 15 Euro

        When it arrives will test it all out and report back


        Still think it would be nice to have in APRSIS32 though



        https://github.com/philcrump/habrotate source

        https://www.philcrump.co.uk/Habrotate Windows compile








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        Sent: 27 June 2014 23:44
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        Subject: [aprsisce] Feature Request



        Just received my rotator control unit an ERC-M unit only got the USB option I do wonder if the Lan option might be handy as well.

        What I would like when Lynn gets the time is the ability to follow a station and have the rotator system track that station.

        For me this is mainly for use with Lynn ’s habitat to APRS system for tracking balloons. But also ships in the channel. But it’s obviously useful for tracking anything moving.

        So whats needed is a rotator port type the usual TCP/IP, USB, Com.

        The software already does bearing so elevation added. Following a station with rotator enabled auto tracks that station.

        My control box uses Yaesu GS232A and B protocols which seem standard across various rotators and software

        Yaesu GS232 A and B

        The only difference in A and B is the format how a position is returned from the ERC

        Note 1): This command was added by the Dual-AZ protocol by VE2DX and used to drive 2 AZ-rotators with a 2-axis interface

        Command to ERC                Description                                            Returned from ERC

        A<cr>                                      Stop rotation azimuth                            <cr>

        B<cr> (in GS232A-mode)      Request position elevation                  +0eee<cr><lf>

        B<cr> (in GS232B-mode)      Request position elevation                  EL=eee<cr><lf>

        C<cr> (in GS232A-mode)     Request position azimuth                     +0aaa<cr><lf>

        C<cr> (in GS232B-mode)     Request position azimuth                     AZ=aaa<cr><lf>

        C2<cr> (in GS232A-mode)   Request position azimuth + elevation +0aaa+0eee<cr><lf>

        C2<cr> (in GS232B-mode)   Request position azimuth + elevation AZ=aaa<s><s>EL=eee<cr><lf>

        D<cr>                                      Rotate DOWN or CCW 2nd axis            <cr>

        E<cr>                                      Stop rotation elevation                         <cr>

        L<cr>                                       Rotate CCW 1st axis                              <cr>

        Maaa<cr>                                Rotate azimuth to aaa                            <cr>

        MBeee<cr>                             1) Rotate elevation to eee                     <cr>

        R<cr>                                      Rotate CW 1st axis                                 <cr>

        S<cr>                                      Stops rotation both axis                       <cr>

        U<cr>                                      Rotate UP or CW 2nd axis                      <cr>

        Waaa eee<cr>                        Rotate azimuth to aaa and Rotate elevation to eee<cr>


        I think A,B,C,E,M and MB, I don’t see a need for D,L,R,S,U





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