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RE: [aprsisce] Perhaps this might be a good feature?

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    ... 2. ... or ... automatically ... implementing. ... Digi_ned does this and it s a very useful feature. I ve seen a lot of ISS passes that I would have
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 13, 2013
      > > If a good or very good ISS overpass is coming
      up and I want to send out
      > > a Bulletin on RF alerting nearby stations
      and stating 1. Satellite name, 2.
      > > Minutes before AOS and I would
      like to repeat the bulletin every minute or
      > > two until zero minutes
      are left and then the bulletin stops automatically
      > > being
      transmitted....could this be a potential feature worth implementing.
      > >
      > > Gerard VK2JNG

      Digi_ned does this and it's a very useful feature. I've seen a lot
      of ISS passes that I would have otherwise missed because of it. It
      hasn't been going for a while and, thank you for the reminder, it's
      time to turn it on again.


      While it's generally set up for users to query the current satellite
      position, a small number may be configured for automatic position

      Bill - WA7NWP
      In APRSISCE/32 you can set the path for a bulletin. As long as the sender thinks (I know that is a stretch sometimes) then it should be relatively easy to keep bulletins mostly local.
      In the case of a satellite pass, a single hop should be sufficient. It would keep the data within one hop of the originator. If it is a high DIGI, then no path is probably better. And, RFONLY or NOGATE could be added as well. Now no one outside of the immediate area is likely to receive the bulletin.
      Hopefully every satellite AOS isn't announced since there are many satellites.
      On another note, but similar, there is a way to get announcements now. It works as long as you remember to ask. And, it only takes sending a message.
      There is a local mobile station that sends from his D700 or D710 (I don't remember which). I usually see his message and the response.
      I sent a message to ISS with the content of "a" and I saw this dialog:
      13:17:12> a (*2-13:17:12)
      13:17:12< AOS 2h16m (2033z) SE^11
      The "a" can be anything as long as it is something.
      There response is based on the requester's location.
      Best regards,
      Fred, N7FMH
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