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Re: [aprsisce] Messin' with the XML

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  • kc8sfq@mei.net
    Hi Lynn, ... port, create a new port of type ... the same COMM port parameters as the other ... otwincfg and put the OT2m back into KISS mode and you ... good.
    Message 1 of 16 , Nov 25, 2012
      Hi Lynn,
      Thanks. You wrote:
      > Try just disabling your current port, create a new port of type
      > Simply(KISS) and set it up to the same COMM port parameters as the other
      > one. Then go into otwincfg and put the OT2m back into KISS mode and you
      > should be good.

      I'll give that a shot, my next APRS play day may be a couple days off though. It's back to the real world tomorrow. (customers, they just don't understand.)
      > Simply(KISS) automatically provides the ~!!0 open/close commands for
      > TNCs like the OT2m that can be locked into KISS mode.

      Most helpful, I didn't know the difference between KISS and Simply-KISS.
      > As for why "all of a sudden" the config changes with no "input from me",
      > that's completely unexplainable unless you moved the directory from
      > which you run the program or otherwise mucked about with something.

      OH............ I've been mucking about for the past 3 days. It takes longer when you don't know what you're mucking with. I *was* pretty proud when I figured out about the open/ close thing. I had downloaded and expanded the latest version and hadn't made those adjustments like I did on the 2005 version I have been running. BTW I got the old tiles to run on the new computer. As it turns out, those are the OSMErender ones I like. It sounds like what I have of those are all there is. APRSIS32 (the 2005 version from the other computer) wanted me to "create or locate" the OSM file once I moved it to the Toughbook. I finally poked the OSM file that came over from the old computer into the search window. It had not occurred to me that after moving the whole APRSIS32 file, including OSM tiles that I would have to re-point the program to the files. Oh well, we've got 'er now. It has survived across a couple of power cycles.

      The next project is to get a "night" version to run with another pre-fetched set of tiles.....A battle for another day though.

      Off to bed for me now. 0500 comes way too soon.

      73 and thanks again,  KC8SFQ  Ron
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