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Re: Map Tiles default

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  • Mykle Raymond
    ... It works! There is a difference between the check-mark in Screen | Tile Set (selects the tileset to display) and Configure | Map | Tile Sets
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2012
      > Posted by: "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)" kj4erj@... ldeffenb

      > Wbatever tile set has the checkmark in the Configure / Map / Tile
      > Sets-cascade is the one that will be used on a restart as well as used
      > for any new MultiTracks that you open.

      It works! There is a difference between the check-mark in
      Screen | Tile Set (selects the tileset to display)
      Configure | Map | Tile Sets (selects the default AND tileset to display)

      >> This program has us hooked, and the hook is set. When Lynn is able to
      >> devise alternate methods to place objects by coordinate and read
      >> coordinates of a point on the map (other than manually moving the
      >> cursor), we'll be able to get rid of additional programs. No this isn't
      >> a new request, it's already on Lynn's list (we hope, we hope).
      > Have you tried right-clicking on the map and notice the coordinates
      > listed at the bottom of that popup menu? I know it's not everything you
      > need, but is that the idea of "read coordinates of a point on the map"
      > (although I'm not sure how any program would know what coordinate you
      > want to read without you "manually moving the cursor" somehow)?

      Yes, that is useful to a limited degree. If I need to retrieve
      coordinates of a point, then I'll need to zoom in a lot, and maybe
      switch maps to an image. More of an argument for having a separate app.
      More arguments for that below.

      You are referring to the "cursor" as the crosshairs at the
      center-of-display. I can move the arrow to point at something else. If
      I wanted to mark a point, I'd point at it (with the arrow), right-click
      and select an option to place something there, then an attribute dialog
      would open that includes the ability to type coordinates and change the
      location. The dialog would also provide for choice of icon, comments,
      make-this-an-object, blah-de-blah. This I could do on the fly .. throw
      a point on the map and edit coordinates. Perfect.

      IDEALLY (I know that different platforms may make this problematic) a
      coordinate entry would automatically handle different formats (this
      would not be the first program to do so). Space or comma delimited.
      The first entry is degrees. The second is minutes. The third is
      seconds. One to three entries, use what you need. Any of them can be
      decimal (although only the last one should be decimal if any).

      You should consider the rest of the world, so we don't have to always
      include North/South and East/West, or use minus-signs. The map/
      crosshairs are in one geographic quadrant, so apply that to coord entry.

      This would be one place where the APRS format would not be appropriate.
      DDMM.mm would be hard to detect, rather than decimal degrees.

      The program can probably stick with decimal minutes, just to keep things
      simple. Only coordinate entry may provide for alternative formats.

      No, we don't need conversions between datums, since we assume the APRS
      standard which is the same as the GPS standard, WGS-84. That's an
      advanced topic and you'd better have an that can provide it. A
      dedicated mapping app should be sufficient (I use OziExplorer).

      No, we don't need conversions between projections (UTM). Use your
      mapping app.

      No kitchen sink needed, either. (a wash basin might be nice)
      73 de Mykle
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