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Re: [aprsisce] Raspberry Pi

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  • Kurt Savegnago
    I don t know of any one APRS program that is perfect for everyone.  UI-View is getting long in tooth, has a klutzy non-intuitive interface in my opinion and
    Message 1 of 13 , Jun 30, 2012
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      I don't know of any one APRS program that is "perfect" for everyone.  UI-View is getting long in tooth, has a klutzy non-intuitive interface in my opinion and is clumsy to navigate
      in the aftermarket maps.  Yet some folks like some of it's features and is still widely used.
      Xastir has it's proponents and if one uses it for some time, becomes easier as the time goes on.  Actually one can get the gist of it by running through the commands.  It works
      great of course for Linux which is it's "native tongue". :-)  I tried half-heartedly to get it to
      work under Windows but gave up as it was too easy to run natively in Linux.
      Aprsisce/32 is very feature rich, can use a variety of maps that can be downloaded in advance and used portable without an internet connection.  The features are a bit more challenging to figure out and the messaging situation is very difficult for myself to understand.
      There are so many features it's hard to figure out the advantages.  It's also constantly being developed which is a plus.  It runs dastardly well in Linux under WINE once setup.
      USAPhotomaps was the first program I believe to download photo tiles for offline use
      and was usuable for APRS.  It was really not meant for that purpose.  It never was really that popular.  Again the interface was clumsy but the helpfile had enough info to get it setup and going.  They lost their mapserver and have been scrambling to get something going.  Perhaps by now something is up but I haven't used it in a couple or years.  The cost was cheap, free or a donation.
      YAAC is a new kid on the block that can be self contained after downloading the OSM tiles as instructed on the site.  It has it's idiosyncrasies but perhaps it was easy for me to setup after messing with all the other programs listed above! :-)
      My point is not any one program is going to satisfy everyone out there.  Keep slogging away at what interests one and ask questions if need be.
                                                   Kurt KC9LDH
      --- On Fri, 6/29/12, n5dtx <dgbryant@...> wrote:
      (Snip for Brevity's Sake)

      I had played with Xastir a little several years ago and I abandoned it when I discovered APRSIS32. (thanks to Byon and Allen at Byonics!)  After working with Xastir again last night I found it to be very cumbersome and unsophisticated compared to APRSIS32.  I have always appreciated the effort that Lynn has put forth, but it was even more appreciated last night as I was fiddling with Xastir.  Thanks again Lynn!

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