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Re: [aprsisce] Re: Beaconing every 10 seconds

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    You re supposed to be able to Enable GPS, but the problem is that you ve also CONFIGURED and NMEA port independent of the passthrough. When you Enable GPS, it
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 30, 2012
      You're supposed to be able to Enable GPS, but the problem is that you've
      also CONFIGURED and NMEA port independent of the passthrough. When you
      Enable GPS, it tries to access what you've configured and that fails
      while the passthrough is still working. If you deconfigure the NMEA
      port (blank out the COM port and baud rate), then you should be able to
      Enable the GPS to get the satellint information visible without the
      Lost/Got Fix loop.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      On 4/30/2012 1:26 AM, Rick wrote:
      > I did enables gps enabled unchecked it and I think its working now, it just doesn't show the satelites on the bottom of screen now. It is receiving RF signals and not transmitting every few seconds... so we need to put in wiki that if using passthru gps don't enable under enample...Right?
      > Rick
      > PS Thank You
      > --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)"<kj4erj@...> wrote:
      >> Configure / Ports / NMEA and clear out whatever you have configured
      >> there. Whatever you have configured in the NMEA is continually failing,
      >> but then the NMEA passthrough comes from the TT4 and makes APRSISCE/32
      >> believe the GPS is back on line. Then the NMEA port fails, and then the
      >> TT4 delivers an NMEA string and the cycle keeps repeating.
      >> Only one GPS/NMEA source should ever be configured at any point in time.
      >> If you kill the NMEA configuration and just let the KISS port
      >> passthrough provide it, I think your problem will go away.
      >> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      >> On 4/30/2012 1:11 AM, Rick wrote:
      >>> Yes it is win 7. Here is the log
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.598 ***** Track.Other:Undefine Color(), returning BLACK
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.598 ***** Saved WindowPlacement 1359 x 704 @ 1 22
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.598 ***** Modified WindowPlacement 1359 x 704 @ 1 22
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.723 GetDeviceCaps(DriverVersion)=16384 (0x4000)
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.738 GetDeviceCaps(Technology)=RASDISPLAY or 1 (0x1)
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.738 GetDeviceCaps(ShadeBlendCaps)=NONE or 0 (0x0)
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.738 ***** DefineME:Starting With 570 Stations
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:53.816 Final Startup Shuffle?
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:54.253 PaintMainWindow:New ShadowMap(0x53050B6E) 1359 x 704 (t:0 1359x704 w:5436 pl:1 bpp:32)
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:54.924 Paint Consumed 8 GDI and 1 User Objects
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.033 Loaded 1 RFPorts
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.033 RFPort[0] TT4(Simply(KISS)) 1200 via COM8:19200,N,8,1
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.142 ***** Enabling NMEA GPS
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.252 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Start
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.252 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.252 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Resolve
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.252 SetPortStatus: wp[0] TT4 Start
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.252 SetPortStatus: wp[0] TT4 Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.252 SetPortStatus: wp[0] TT4 Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.267 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Start
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.267 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.267 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.751 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Connect
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.751 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS OpenCmd
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.766 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS OK
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.766 SetPortStatus: wp[0] TT4 OpenCmd
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:06:55.766 SetPortStatus: wp[0] TT4 OK
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:00.290 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:05.438 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:05.438 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:05.438 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:10.586 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:15.734 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:15.734 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:15.734 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:20.882 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:21.694 Logging Enabled
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:25.796 Paint Consumed 2 GDI and 0 User Objects
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:26.030 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:26.030 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:26.030 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:31.194 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:36.342 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:36.342 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:36.373 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:41.490 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:46.638 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:46.638 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:46.638 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:51.786 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:56.934 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:56.934 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:07:56.934 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:02.082 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:07.230 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:07.230 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:07.230 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:12.378 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:17.526 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Restart
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:17.526 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Init
      >>> WinMain:2012-04-30T05:08:17.526 SetPortStatus: wp[5678] NMEA Open
      >>> Thank You
      >>> Rick
      >>> --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)"<kj4erj@> wrote:
      >>>> Can you check the Activity trace log and see if it's saying anything
      >>>> about GPS LOST->Acquired or GPS Acquired->LOST? You might have to
      >>>> enable the Activity log to see this.
      >>>> In order for GotFix to keep firing like I see there, it seems that you
      >>>> might have conflicting GPS definitions. Please verify that you do NOT
      >>>> have an NMEA port configured, but only GPS/NMEA checked on the TT4 KISS
      >>>> port.
      >>>> This IS on Win32, right? And not Windows Mobile?
      >>>> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      >>>> On 4/30/2012 12:41 AM, Rick wrote:
      >>>>> OK I did and it says got fix 11/12
      >>>>> everytime, is that what it is?
      >>>>> How can I fix and still use it mobile.
      >>>>> Rick
      >>>>> --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)"<kj4erj@> wrote:
      >>>>>> Please check Configure / Beacon / Why and the reason for the
      >>>>>> transmissions will be included in the beacon comment.
      >>>>>> I suspect you've got a drifty GPS triggering the turn (Head nnn%).
      >>>>>> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      >>>>>> On 4/30/2012 12:22 AM, Rick wrote:
      >>>>>>> I have a TT4 setup in Kiss mode as kd4dra-1 and no position beacon or any kind of beacon, then I have aprsis setup to transmit every 12 mins. with 20 degree turn , 1 forecast error, and max dist 5.
      >>>>>>> The port is setup as simple (kiss)as KD4DRA-9 with pass thru GPS, it is hearing RF stations, all is working well on the receive end....But it is transmitting every 10 sec and if I raise the Min Time to 30 it will wait til 30 sec.
      >>>>>>> Hope you can help..Thanks
      >>>>>>> Rick
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