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Re: [aprsisce] aprsis32 under wine with ttyUSB0

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  • David Hafner
    Rob KB8RCO has a good point about using PuTTY as a terminal client to confirm that your ports are working. Whatever you can do to simplify the tool chain is
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      Rob KB8RCO has a good point about using PuTTY as a terminal client to confirm that your ports are working.  Whatever you can do to simplify the "tool chain" is to your advantage.  I'm on a Mac running OSX Lion with a command file to launch Wine/APRIS32 from my BOOTCAMP Windows XP file system.  Here are some diagnostic tips you can try:

      - Confirm that you have the right port connected to the RS232C interface cable.  I use ZTerm under OSX to test the various USB ports to confirm that I'm getting a response from the radio's TBC.  Obviously, if the PC can't talk to the radio nothing will work.  Once you can control the radio with TNC commands you can configure an APRSIS port with some assurance that it will work.  It is essential that you are able to communicate with the radio via a terminal program before you attempt to connect another application.

      - Be sure to check that the USB Serial driver is working.  On the KW TH-D72A you must download a special SiLab USB UART Bridge driver to get the USB to min-USB connection to work properly.  Even with that driver you have to cycle the radio on and off to ensure that the driver recognizes the radio.  Make sure that the driver you are using for the USB to RS232C is current.

      - Don't assume that the driver is going to be assigned to the same port on each PC.  On my MAC is sees USB0.  On my Toshiba laptop it sees COM8. On my Lenovo desktop is sees COM3.

      - You can see if APRIS is minimally communicating with radio's TNC by viewing the various logs in APRSIS and transmitting a beacon (just click on "Transmit" in the upper left corner).  If you can transmit a readable beacon (check on aprs.fi) then you are on the right path.

      - Try APRSIS in KISS with the radio in Packet mode as a starting place.

      Anyway, LOL, this is what I've learned so far after a couple of nights of fussing around.  I'm at the point now where I can actually transmit a beacon and send an email but I still not reading any incoming APRS RF packets.  I can send to my local IGate but I'm not getting any Acknowledgements or Beacons from other stations in APRSIS32 that I receive when the HT is in standalone APRS mode.

      On Apr 23, 2012, at 7:43 PM, Rein Mann wrote:


      G'day Dave,
      The radio is the Kenwood TM-D700
      The tnc is inbuilt in the D700 (Tasco tnc2 or similar)
      I use a Prolific USB to RS232 converter (PL-2303)
      This seems to be just about the only usable converter on the market.
      the output/input of the Prolific cable (male D9 plug) feeds the inbuilt tnc of the D700.
      Rein vk4alj

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, David Hafner <hafner@...> wrote:
      > Rein,
      > What type of RF (i.e. radio) are you trying to connect to? How are you trying to connecting to the RF? Directly via the USB port to an internal TNC (i.e. D700), by the USB to an external USB, or by PC Soundcard to an external TNC?
      > Dave
      > wh6dsl

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