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Re: latest APRS32 development version 10/05/29 using 100% available CPU

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Greetings, - I hope you don t mind that I moved this to the group to see if anyone else is seeing the same issue... ... If by prefetch you mean OSM Fetch ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2010
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      Greetings, - I hope you don't mind that I moved this to the group to see
      if anyone else is seeing the same issue...

      Steve Watson wrote:
      > I have just noticed my laptop cooling fan kicking in big time and
      > after a bit of investigation, it appears that APRS32 is using as much
      > CPU as is available.
      > This only starts after a few minutes and I suspect it has something to
      > do with me changing the map zoom level. Initially the CPU utilisation
      > is around 2% (2GHz CPU with 1G of RAM). I have prefetch enabled.

      If by "prefetch" you mean "OSM Fetch", that may be the problem. Do you
      see a yellow circle that grows and shrinks and generally acts kind of
      spastic? And if you double-click an empty space on the map, is there a
      an active Queue: N of M listed at the top? And if you clear that and do
      the double-click again, are the numbers going down, going up, or staying
      the same?

      There's a very rare issue I haven't nailed down yet with the OSM tile
      fetcher if a specific tile doesn't exist on the server. APRSIS32 will
      keep trying over and over to get the tile because it wants to display
      it, but the server never hands back a clean copy, so it errors out and
      tries to fetch it again. I've got this issue on my ToDo list.

      If you disable the OSM Fetcher, does the CPU drop back to normal?

      Also, are you using a filtered feed or a full feed (port 10152)? My
      full feed instance typically runs at 10-15% of my Core 2 Duo 2Ghz
      laptop. If I minimize it, the CPU usage drops dramatically. I'm hoping
      to address this at some point as I believe it is triggering a map
      repaint even though the updated station(s) aren't visible.

      > By the way, what is the "me not 3rd" option on the port configs?

      That option will eventually cause messages from your base callsign to
      gate from -IS to RF without being wrapping in a 3rd party packet. This
      shortens the packet length and airtime improving the chances of being
      received cleanly and doesn't change any of the identification
      responsibilities of the communications since they're all you. The
      option is there, but it is not yet used by the program, but that's what
      it's going to do sometime.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      > Regards,
      > Steve Watson G8ZMG
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