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  • chuckbland
    I am perfectly content for it to be on the list. I m in no hurry. Chuck
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2012
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      I am perfectly content for it to be on the list. I'm in no hurry.


      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)" <kj4erj@...> wrote:
      > It doesn't exist yet. Here's the relevant section of the ToDo list:
      > Surely one or more of these covers your desire. I understand the need
      > for it, but the RF/IGate work will be happening first....
      > Messaging Subsystem:
      > Enhanced message support (Julian G4ILO)
      > Support remaining message-based queries, Configurable suppression of
      > auto-answers (or display?)
      > If replying to a displayed message for another -SSID, spoof the source
      > as that -SSID and watch for corresponding acks (Fred N7FMH) - Checkbox
      > for spoof and add self to used path.
      > Remember and provide for re-display of received messages.
      > If target station's platform is known, format message sending screen
      > accordingly.
      > Support more ?APRSx queries
      > Select specific RF Interfaces for message transmission
      > Thumbnail map (zoomable, of course) of user's current location in QSO window
      > Auto-adjust filter for MessageGroups, or suppress message-only stations
      > from CloseStation list and Stations scroller?
      > Support Messages / Recent Messages to show list of recently read
      > messages for quick recall
      > Send Message on RF to only those channels that heard the station
      > Send Ack to -IS only if a message from an unknown station was received
      > from there (EMAIL-2 responses)
      > Add [n/m] to wrapped messages or possibly trailing + to allow for remote
      > re-assembly (especially APRSISCE's Chat)
      > Fix length of ?APRSS query response to avoid wrapping as a long message
      > Enable/Disable message group message capture and/or display
      > -IS to RF IGated messages should be transmitted on the heard station's
      > Alternate Network ID (if specified), not APRSISCE/32's.
      > Better reflect current transmission/ack/retry status in the chat windows
      > (12/23/2010 6:15am) (Julian G4ILO)
      > Add ability to cancel one or all non-acked messages directly from the
      > chat windows (Julian G4ILO)
      > Remember message window width (if wider than the font requires) (Julian
      > G4ILO)
      > Support specification of RF path on Chat windows (Alan 1/3/2011 12:08am)
      > Schedule (and cancel) redundant acks 30 seconds out (Bob WB4APR)
      > Msg Table w/from/to/text/time/ack & Retries w/direct retry and delete
      > capability -> Only messages (other msgs "received"?)
      > Send Message / Chat -> Allow path override if RF-Only selected (Jerry N7YGE)
      > User-specified alternate (reduced) transmitted message length for
      > RF-involved stations. - Possibly automatically shrinking over RF-pathed
      > stations between acks based on retry count.
      > Buffer long (non-split) chat messages as single line to allow for
      > changing length before transmission if path changes or degrades.
      > If sending a non-acked message via APRS-IS to a station that appears to
      > be RF-linked, queue a secondary copy 31 seconds delayed.
      > Dupe detector needs to clear out redundantly received, non-acked (or
      > ack'd as well, but send a new ack) messages so remote queries / commands
      > don't get multi-processed.
      > Chat Changes
      > Add Ack + I/F drop-down to Chat Send
      > (See Satellite mode below)
      > Chat Entry -> Rich Edit to colorize lines
      > LIVE Line break - on screen
      > Prevent "ack" leading a line
      > Invalid character removal (|~{)
      > Allow space for <CR> for send
      > Warn if non-AX.25 callsign to RF device
      > Chat Entry - Attempt to show in target's font/window size
      > Parse-defined Platform enum w/screen geometry / font info
      > Chat Display - Outbounds: Yellow if blocked, Green if Acked,
      > Orange (Tangerine) if Retried Out, Lime Green if Sending
      > Click line to see Orange/Lime Green in Pending Msg popup
      > Document <MessageGroup> use for Australian (and maybe US) weather alert
      > messages. - Make them online configurable. (Adrian VK2BAC)
      > Color callsign menus in Monitor chat window to match text (Colin 2E0XSD)
      > I am putting together a mobile laptop running Aprsisce/32 for a friend.
      > He mentioned how hard, and dangerous it is to send APRS messages while
      > driving. Texting and driving not good. So I thought, how about some
      > "Quik keys or Macros". Press say F1 for a pre-set message. It would then
      > enter the text into the message box. Seems easy enough. Is this
      > something that could be worked into the program? (Kevin W7BOZ)
      > Context-aware internal messages like "New Version Available" offering
      > "Download Now".
      > When you know there is an update and you go to About to download the new
      > version, on restart, it asks "You have # messages. Do you want to
      > restart"? Can you reset the message thing is the message is "just the
      > UPDATE"? (Robert Giuliano KB8RCO)
      > Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      > On 3/1/2012 12:35 PM, chuckbland wrote:
      > > I've been looking unsuccessfully for a window that allows me to review/manage all my messages at a glance. Between NWS alerts and other messages that surface, it is annoying to have to be clicking all over the screen to read the next meesage, then delete/reply/whatever.
      > >
      > > Have I missed it or does it not exist? If it doesn't exist, I like to request it be added to the ever expanding feature request list.
      > >
      > > Thanks.
      > >
      > > Chuck
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