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Re: [aprsisce] Weather shapes and messages

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  • Greg D
    Hi Lynn, Thanks for the quick reply... More, below. Greg KO6TH Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote: ... shape, you get the ... But it appears ... formed by the
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2012
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      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for the quick reply...  More, below.

      Greg  KO6TH

      Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:

      On 2/28/2012 10:41 PM, Greg D wrote:
      > 1. Really minor, but when you click anywhere on a shape, you get the
      > usual station menu to see more about it. That's fine. But it appears
      > that you can click anywhere within the rectangle formed by the shape's
      > corners, and get the same menu, even if you're not within the shape.
      > Some of the shapes are really large here (I'm just west of a major
      > mountain range), and we're finally getting a little hint of Winter, so I
      > end up not being able to click anywhere on the map without getting an
      > NWS item menu popping up. The request: either restrict the click to
      > inside of the border, or even on the "x" of the object itself.

      Determining if a clicked point is in a min/max rectangle surrounding a
      polygon is trivial. Determining if a clicked point is inside an
      arbitrarily bounded polygon is much more difficult. I'll look for some
      code that does it efficiently enough to satisfy me, but don't hold your
      breath. Remember, some of those NWS alerts can illuminate 10s or 20s of
      individual zone shapes each of which may have thousands of points -
      non-trivial polygons, they are.

      Right, I understand.  Definitely a lower priority for the Mobile platform, as I don't expect to ever try to have it consume the Firenet feed.  Win32 should have the horsepower, and more of the need, but still not hugely important. 

      Coincidentally, I assume you saw Andrew P.'s posting this morning on APRSSIG about some algorithm for messing with polygons?

      > 2. The bigger one. The shapes are formed by multiple messages, each
      > one requiring clicking on the message light in the upper right corner,
      > then acknowledging (canceling) the dialog box that follows. Since last
      > night we have a small storm coming through. That means that I had 21
      > messages to click on, and 21 dialog boxes to cancel. The request: Can
      > we have a Message->List dialog that lists all of the messages (with
      > scroll bars if needed), and lets you click on the ones you want to see,
      > and with the ability to highlight and acknowledge multiple messages at a
      > time?

      Personally, I don't get anything out of the individual NWS messages
      which is why there is a Clear / Clear NWS Messages. I start with one
      click on that in the morning and have a LOT fewer messages to click
      through. Or you can just uncheck Configure / NWS / Messages and make
      them all not even light up the green unread message light.

      I do have plans to make the unread messages easier to preview and deal
      with, but for now, peruse the various Clear options to clean out the
      ones that are probably less than interesting.

      Ah, ok...  Hadn't noticed the Configure / NWS / Messages option, nor the selective clear option.  I presume the areas will still light up, so that solves my direct problem.  For completeness, what is the difference between "Messages" and "Messages Not *ALL*" in that menu?  They were both checked.

      > 3. Really minor... The dialog box that pops up when you click on a
      > message has a button in the middle that lists the object's name. It's
      > not well labeled what will happen when you click on it. Needs a verb.
      > Could be something like "MultiTrack xxxx" instead of just "xxxx".

      I'll see what I can do for that. Good clarification.

      Yea!  I got one!

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32.

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