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Re: Setting Up Fill - Digi

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  • kc2nyu
    ... I am pretty close and the house is often hit by golf balls, have quite a collection in the garage. ... -- Understand, have not been leaving on 24/7 but
    Message 1 of 46 , Feb 2, 2012
      James- Went through your points and comments embedded below:
      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:
      > On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 8:28 PM, kc2nyu eckerpw@... wrote:
      > > Lynn found that I had a period or dot at end of pass code, that was
      > > the issue. Now showing up in aprs.fi in correct location.
      > That would do it. Things like that we can't see remotely. You can tell
      > us that you have the passcode entered into the program, because you
      > believe that you do, but in fact you don't because of that silly
      > period. Computers are sticklers for accuracy.
      > So now you appear on the map. I'd suggest ducking because you're right
      > on the fairway there man!

      I am pretty close and the house is often hit by golf balls, have quite a collection in the garage.
      > Now we can work on the rest of the errors...
      > First off, your station has disappeared again. It fell off the map
      > just about 2 hours ago.
      > If you're going to join in and be part of the infrastructure (a
      > fill-in digi, and an i-gate), it's best to be on 24/7. Other stations
      > are going to want to be able to rely on you. It looks like your area
      > is pretty sparse for APRS infrastructure. Those nearby, including
      > yourself with your mobile rig would probably be very happy with a
      > local i-gate running.

      -- Understand, have not been leaving on 24/7 but will work at getting in that mode
      > This part of the packet tells us who you are, what software you are
      > running, and how the packet got to the APRS-IS and what server you
      > were connected to. Do you have an outgoing path set? Go to
      > Configure|Beacon|Path... If you don't have anything in there that
      > would explain why we never saw you via RF. Your closest i-gates are in
      > Summerville, or Jacksonville. You need to use a path of WIDE2-1 to get
      > at least one hop from a digipeater to get to those i-gates if you
      > aren't gating yourself.
      -- Was OK on this one, had the Beacon Path set at Wide2-1, however mildly confused, see comment on your last point.

      > =3156.93N/08102.08W#
      > There's the bit that puts you on the golf course and sets the icon for
      > your station. The / and the # combined tell everyone to draw a star
      > with a D in it on their maps at the reported location. The current
      > way to tell people that you are running a WIDE1-1 supporting fill-in
      > digipeater is to overlay the green star with a 1. To do that go to
      > Configure|Beacon|Symbol|New..., and click on the overlay button, then
      > select overlay 49 for symbol 35.
      -- Based on above point path is Wide2-1, so using overlay 50 on symbol 35

      > PHG6130
      > This tells people you are running 36 watts into a 3 dB omni at about
      > 20 feet above the average terrain. Probably fairly accurate for your
      > station.
      > PHG//30DigiFill Skidaway Island Ga
      > This is your comment, where you can put in free form text. Looks like
      > you have a mangled PHG//30 comment in there... APRSISCE/32 has at
      > least 2 places where you can enter your comment, as well as a place
      > where you can choose from the ones that you have configured in the
      > past and I'm not sure why. You can go to Configure|General and edit
      > the Comment at the bottom of that screen, or go to
      > Configure|Beacon|Comment|New... and edit the comment there.

      -- took 
      > The usual term for a WIDE1-1 fill-in digi, is just Fill-In Digi. You
      > can put Skidaway Island GA in there too, but you're telling people
      > where you are with the icon location. It's nice to have the name so if
      > people see the packet flash by, they have an idea where you are
      > located.

      -- Changed to Fill-In Digi Skidaway Island,GA

      > There's also a spot where you can enter what looks almost exactly like
      > a comment, but it is called a status packet. Go to Configure|Status,
      > and at the top you'll see yet another place to enter your Comment
      > field. At the bottom of that screen is a spot to put in your Status
      > text. Comments and Status are both free form text fields, but comments
      > are tacked onto the end of other packets, where Status packets are
      > stand alone. On aprs.fi, the comment and status packets show up on
      > different lines when you look at the info page. Back when you were
      > running AGW you sent a status packet that said:
      > Wide2-1 Fill-In Serving Skidaway Island , Wassaw & Ossabaw Sound Area
      > aprs.fi hangs onto status text for quite a while. You'll probably at
      > some point end up asking about this, or get asked about it, so we
      > might as well get after it now.
      > You can set your status in APRSISCE/32 and send it at least once to
      > get rid of the status above. You could leave it running if you like.
      > Just change the WIDE2-1 in there for sure. Fill-in digipeaters only
      > respond to WIDE1-1. They would never respond to WIDE2-1.

      --OK here is where I am confused. In one of the comments above you seemed to be saying my path should be Wide2-1, but here I think you are saying I should be Wide1-1. Please clarify.
      > Have a go at those, and let's see what pops up.
      > --
      > James
      > VE6SRV
      Thanks Much Paul KC2NYU
    • James Ewen
      ... That often leads to a lot of splashing and carrying on as well! Have a look and see what you ve been up to in a little better than a day... 211 packets
      Message 46 of 46 , Feb 2, 2012
        On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 8:22 PM, kc2nyu <eckerpw@...> wrote:

        > Sometimes best way to learn is to jump into deep end with all clothes on.

        That often leads to a lot of splashing and carrying on as well!

        Have a look and see what you've been up to in a little better than a
        day... 211 packets gated to the net already.


        You can see that there are users in the area that are making use of your i-gate.

        Now your next task is to see if you can educate your neighbor KW4B
        that a digipeater shouldn't use an outgoing path of WIDE1-1. WIDE1-1
        should only be used by low powered stations that need help getting
        into the local digipeaters. Home stations should never run with
        WIDE1-1 in their path. A digipeater should NEVER need help from a home
        fill-in station. If the digipeater needs help from a home fill-in
        station to be heard, then it really should be turned off. Main
        digipeaters need to be situated where they can hear for a good
        distance around them. Just like a voice repeater, putting a digipeater
        in a spot where it can't hear anything is a waste of time.

        If you look at the packets of KW4B, you can see that with the path he
        is using, it was hit or miss as to whether the packets made it to the
        internet. Once your i-gate came online, the graphs jump up because he
        can get to the internet through your gate.


        This digipeater is using a path of simply WIDE1-1. It should be
        changed to something like WIDE2-1. The same goes for his other
        digipeater KW4B-1. He's currently using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 over
        there. The WIDE1-1 needs to go.

        We're getting away from APRSISCE/32 specific things, and really
        wandering into general APRS theory, so it's about time to tie the
        ribbons on this thread.

        Go play with APRSISCE/32, and have a look at all the bells and
        whistles available now that you have gotten started learning the
        basics of APRS operations.

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