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  • Burt Sammis
    Thanks Keith for your info and suggestions.That particular repeater and controller has not been looked at for years.It just sits there and does it s thing.I
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 2, 2012
      Thanks Keith for your info and suggestions.
      That particular repeater and controller has not been looked at for years.
      It just sits there and does it's thing.
      I have contacted our repeater coordinator to get him to change the path.
      I now have my APRSISCE running to my satisfaction.
      Thanks again

      To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
      From: ve7gdh@...
      Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 14:00:24 -0800
      Subject: Re: [aprsisce] Icon

      Burt AF5AA wrote...

      > I would like to see the WX symbol on the map...

      Per your later message, you have the WX symbol now selected.

      > Secondly, I am not seeing any stations on my map.


      With what callsign-SSID are you not seeing any other stations on
      your map? Are you listening on RF only, or are you also connected
      to the APRS-IS? If you aren't getting anything from the radio, you
      could try taking APRSISCE out of the picture and connecting the
      radio (you mentioned later it is a D72) to a terminal program and
      seeing if it is decoding. I know that you can view received
      beacons on the D72 in APRS mode, but with it in packet mode, it
      would be nice to confirm that it is spitting decoded beacons out
      on the serial port. It would confirm that you know the com port
      number and the data rate to use in the APRS client.


      Looking at AF5AA-13... I know that you mentioned that you are
      new to this, but you should be aware that fixed stations should
      never use WIDE1-1. Neither should anything that flies. It is
      reserved for mobile stations. Fixed stations usually don't need
      any help in reaching a regular WIDEn-N digi. Fill-in digis respond
      to only WIDE1-1. What is a good mobile path isn't a good one
      for a fixed station. If you really need a two hop path, change to
      WIDE2-2. If a one hop path will spread your beacons far
      enough, consider using just WIDE2-1.

      It appears that AF5AA-13 is being used by more than one station.
      One is sending WX data and the other appears to be using MIC-E.

      If the D72 is decoding but nothing is showing up in APRSISCE, do
      you have a port configured for the D72?

      If it is also connected to the APRS-IS, check what filter you are
      using. For most servers, if you don't enter a filter, you won't
      get anything except the "keep alive" packets.

      > Our club station, W5BII, shows on other APRS maps.


      This one needs some work. According to the symbol it is a digi.
      However, it is beaconing with a path of WIDE,WIDE. The alias WIDE
      became obsolete 5+ years ago. Hopefully there are no other digis
      close to it that respond to WIDE but if there are, there could be
      lots of ping-ponging back and form as there wasn't any dupe
      checking with WIDE. The currently accepted two hop path would be
      WIDE2-2 but consider first if it really needs to be beaconing with
      a two hop path. It is also periodically using a path of TRACE4-4.
      This is also obsolete. A four hop path would also be considered
      abusive in most locations. I don't know what software of TNC the
      digi is using, but many can be programmed to vary the path
      length... e.g. send most beacons direct (no path) but once an
      hour, send one with a one or two hop path.

      > I have the D72 connected to the computer with the supplied
      > cable from Kenwood.

      As I mentioned above, confirm with a terminal program that the
      D72 is actually outputting decoded beacons on the serial cable.
      The radio should be in packet mode, not APRS mode. In APRS
      mode, the D72 is controlling the beaconing.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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