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Re: [aprsisce] Feedback solicitation

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  • Francisco Guerra
    Thanks, I did nt think about soft keyboard. It works! I don t know about interfaces for soundcard in wm. But PocketDigi works with the mic input. Can you put
    Message 1 of 34 , Dec 14, 2009
      Thanks, I did'nt think about soft keyboard. It works!
      I don't know about interfaces for soundcard in wm. But "PocketDigi" works with the mic input.
      Can you put the information about the color of stations in the next incarnation of aprsisce.txt file?


      Em 2009.12.14 0:31, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh escreveu:

      Francisco Guerra wrote:
      >> The left/right arrow keys will vary the transparency of the maps. It
      >> defaults to 50% which is why it appears pale. If you crank it down
      >> (left) to zero, expect to see your stations jump as it switches from a
      >> Mercatur Projection required by the maps to a circular distance and
      >> bearing display centered on the screen center. Make some rather
      >> interesting displays if you're connected to a full feed.
      > Ok. But howto in Windows Mobile? I have not a wheel nor left/right keys.

      Which Windows Mobile platform do you have? There's no soft keyboard
      that can get you arrow keys? If not, how do you type text? Even if
      there's a small cursor moving rocker thing, that should generate
      left/right and up/down.

      > I think "mouse-hover" is a good approach.

      I'll see what I can come up with. My personal issue with hover is that
      I tend to just throw the mouse out of my active window and it distracts
      me to know end to see a hover pop-up appear from underneath wherever it
      happened to land. I understand the desire for window clarification, but
      I still believe that it's only good for about the first 2 or 3 days of

      > I'm using a MFJ-1278 in a computer with Xastir and AGWPE+Ui-View in
      > another one with Windows XP and a soundcard.
      > It will be good if you can use the soundcard and/or the bluetooth in
      > both versions.

      I do plan to try to support AGWPE for SoundCard access. Given that
      programs can access it via TCP/IP, I can probably support it from
      Windows Mobile as well, but that would assume that you're actually
      co-resident with the non-Mobile PC running AGW. Or is there a SoundCard
      interface for Windows Mobile that I haven't heard of?

      > Ok. I can connect the MFJ via bluetooth with the Windows Mobile
      > device or with the desktop computer.

      Correct. That's my primary focus, at least initially. You should be
      able to use any serial TNC either via a direct serial port or via a
      Bluetooth to serial adapter.

      > The "+-" works different from other programms like Google Earth. In
      > Google "+" zooms in and "-" out.

      Yes it does. I did a survey earlier on and it ended up tied. Just
      think of + adding MORE stations to the screen and - displaying FEWER
      stations. I think of the focus of APRS being the visible stations, not
      the visible map. This may yet change in some future revision, however.

      > What does the color of the station mean? Usually they are green, but
      > some are black or red.

      The color of a station in the scrolling list indicates how far they are
      from the screen center. Green stations are probably not even visible
      or are at the edges of the map. A station in red is very near or
      actually at the center of the screen. Black stations have not yet
      transmitted a position packet so APRISCE doesn't know where they are.
      They typically don't have a symbol either.

      I'm considering displaying RF-received stations in BOLD in the scrolling
      station list, thoughts?

      > Can you configure the programs to use metric instead of imperial units?

      Metric display is on my ToDo list. As I see more non-US callsigns
      actively using the program, the priority of that task will rise.

      > Thank you

      You're welcome and thank you for the well-thought comments and bringing
      my attention to them! With enough feedback like this, we can make the
      program better and better in more ways than I can think of independently.


      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

    • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
      ... See Bob s APRS 1.1 extension called Destination Waypoints described at: http://wa8lmf.net/bruninga/APRS-docs/MOBILE.TXT This is part of the APRS 1.1 Spec
      Message 34 of 34 , Jan 26, 2010
        m6xsd wrote:
        > Yep, point taken on 'Lost Fix' but I still think being able to select
        > pre-programmed static points when 'en-route' would be good, I can
        > think of quite a few situations where I would like to 'annouce'(for
        > want of a better word) that I'm not exactly where my GPS thinks I am
        > (or was).

        See Bob's APRS 1.1 extension called "Destination Waypoints" described at:


        This is part of the APRS 1.1 Spec Addendum you can see at:


        I'm considering supporting the ability to beacon a "destination
        waypoint" as well as interpret them and draw the lines that are
        described. I don't know how many other APRS clients do this, but it's
        part of the published spec, so I might as well support it! Who knows, I
        might even make it part of the Poll's () "slow beacon" mode!

        Oh, and another preview of things to come is that I'm designing a
        "coordinate picker" dialog that will embed the OpenStreetMap with pan
        and zoom to allow you to home in on and set a coordinate. It'll still
        support a variety of manually-entered coordinates, but you'll be able to
        see where you entered or enter what you see. - Thoughts?

        Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
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