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Lynn's Birthday & Powering a Tilt for 12 hours mobile

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    (Mobile phone battery hints the whole way down in the PS to keep this at least a little bit related to APRSISCE/32) Well, since some of you are curious, here s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2011
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      (Mobile phone battery hints the whole way down in the PS to keep this at
      least a little bit related to APRSISCE/32)

      Well, since some of you are curious, here's how my Birthday went:

      http://tinyurl.com/7nkhckt (Track didn't come out as good as I'd like,
      but you'll get the idea)

      And a bit of fun I had with Steve, G6UIM, over lunch:

      2011-11-05 16:35:50 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: Hey, can you come down to the
      Rose and Crown Pub for a spot of+
      2011-11-05 16:35:51 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: lunch?
      2011-11-05 16:36:39 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: We're in the UK and just
      placed our order, but I'm sure we could+
      2011-11-05 16:36:40 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: wait for you.
      2011-11-05 16:37:24 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: It's on the Grand Union Canal
      and you should find me on aprs.fi

      2011-11-05 16:39:02 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: oh your phone is showing in
      the USA still or are you joking?

      2011-11-05 16:39:41 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: Not joking, I'm in the UK for
      2011-11-05 16:40:53 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: Ever hear of Epcot's World
      2011-11-05 16:40:54 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: We're going to Morocco for dinner.

      2011-11-05 16:41:25 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: oh I see grin

      2011-11-05 16:42:02 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: The servers even spek British!
      2011-11-05 16:42:37 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: I think our's is from Manchester

      2011-11-05 16:44:39 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: Just looking at the menu

      2011-11-05 16:46:38 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: OK, I'm having the Brisket,
      what'll you have? :)

      2011-11-05 16:49:02 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: sadly they don't do Steal and
      Ale pie:-(

      2011-11-05 16:49:56 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: Nope, just shepherd's pie.

      2011-11-05 16:50:23 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: hard to get served Snake Bite
      in this country now (makes people+
      2011-11-05 16:50:26 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: aggressive)

      2011-11-05 16:50:58 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: I don't want to know!

      2011-11-05 16:51:52 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: Not that I dribk that anyway,
      Real Ale person myself, going to+
      2011-11-05 16:51:53 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: have to be the Roast for me then

      2011-11-05 16:52:09 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: We did get the waitress to
      explain Bonfire Day and the gunpowder+
      2011-11-05 16:52:10 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: rebellion.

      2011-11-05 16:54:11 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: Yes today is Bonfires and
      Fireworks, Generally called Bonfire+
      2011-11-05 16:54:14 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: Night for the obvious reason
      of the fire looking better at night
      2011-11-05 16:55:16 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: We could probably do with Mr
      Fawkes now. :-)

      2011-11-05 16:56:27 UTC: KJ4ERJ-12>G6UIM: Lunch arrived. Clear to eat. 73
      2011-11-05 16:56:33 UTC: G6UIM>KJ4ERJ-12: 73

      And finally, for those that didn't know, my daughter blocked out my day
      for a birthday surprise, so I had no idea where I was going until we got
      there. Here's a copy of my (possibly first?) posting to my Facebook wall:

      Wow, I don't visit here often, but made and exception today based on the
      number of Birthday wishes, so I thought I'd share what we did on "the day".

      My daughter Rose told me about 6 weeks ago that I was supposed to block
      out that day on my calendar. All I would need to do was get in the car
      in the mornind and she'd take care of the rest, so I had NO idea what
      was in store.

      I asked if I would need to load GeoCaches (http://www.geocaching.com/)
      into my GPS, and the answer was no. I asked if I needed my hiking boots,
      or if tennis shoes would be ok, tennis shoes. I asked if we needed to
      pack any Arizona Green Tea for drinking, and that was affirmative along
      with a flannel shirt into the backpack since we would probably be
      outside come evening. Ok, still no real clues. Oh, and I was told that
      we probably needed to be leaving at 07:00am. 7:00AM? On my birthday? Oh
      well, no sleeping in I guess.

      Morning of, we got going but did a short stop at the local Hess for a
      64oz Mt. Dew refill and Rose loaded the GPS while I was in the store.
      Ok. 1.5 hours to get whereever we're going (I successfully resisted the
      temptation to ask it for our destination). That puts us in Orlando.
      Still way too many options over there.

      So, we drive North on I-95 and pass 192, that pretty much rules out the
      Disney area. 520 to 528 and we're headed into the Sea World/Universal
      area. Narrowing down the search, but then we skip International Drive
      and head NE on I-4. Hm, Wet'N'Wild? Nah, it's too cold for that.

      Exit onto Sand Lake Road and go West to Apopka Vineland Road. Ok, looks
      like we're headed for Holy Family Catholic Church. Duh, I should have
      realized we'd be going to daily Mass! But when we get there (with ZERO
      minutes to spare), the church is probably 50% full! NOT normal for a
      Saturday AM Mass. And then in walks a large group of young people all
      wearing red shirts. So during the greeting I learn that there's a group
      of people there headed for a pro-Life demonstration at a local abortion
      clinic and another heading to Epcot for a day at the park "through a
      Catholic lens".

      Mass was nice, as always, and then Rose says we're leaving with the
      Epcot bunch. We got a booklet (and a red T-shirt) that was:

      "...family guide...created..intention of pointing out the existing
      connections between Epcot and Scripture, Catholic social teaching,
      Catholic prayers, papal and conciliar documents, and the lives of the
      saints. While enjoying your day at Epcot, it is our hope that you will
      find the park a new experience when viewed through the lens of faith".

      Well, to finish the story, we had a GREAT day. Lunch at the UK pub,
      dinner in Morroco, fireworks at 10:00pm (our version of the UK's
      Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night, not really, but it fits), and LOTS of rides
      and attractions.

      And this is my huge public "THANK YOU" to Rose and to Marta (my wife)
      who had the idea originally. And the best part of the whole day (well,
      maybe not the BEST, but certainly one of the high points) was that I
      didn't have to drive home!

      And Thank You to all who posted Birthday Wishes to me here as well!

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS. And in case you're wondering how I managed to keep KJ4ERJ-12
      running all day pedestrian mobile in Epcot, I went through two of these
      (http://tinyurl.com/7y56wol) and fell back to the BIG battery
      (http://blog.g4ilo.com/2011/05/no-charge.html) which only dropped by 1
      out of 4 lights before we got back to the car. Never did really touch
      the oversize battery I keep on the Tilt! You can see my telemetry at
      http://aprs.fi/telemetry/a/KJ4ERJ-12 but you might have to play with the
      time range to find Nov 5. The dips to 90% and 85% happened until I
      noticed the external battery had been depleted and I swapped in the next

      PPS. And in case no-one has noticed yet, APRSISCE now tracks the
      instantaneous current consumption as well. Makes for an interesting
      graph, although nearly too dense at anything other than 24 hours (next
      to last graph, just above the Phone Signal strength which is another
      WinMo-only telemetry feature.
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