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Re: [aprsisce] Re: Path Lines! (Dev: 2011/10/29 08:27)

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    It s a first cut. There s lots more configurability and visibility coming. I ll take your suggestions under advisement. ... They ll eventually be
    Message 1 of 40 , Nov 1, 2011
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      It's a first cut. There's lots more configurability and visibility
      coming. I'll take your suggestions under advisement.

      On 11/1/2011 8:48 AM, w7boz wrote:
      > --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "w7boz"<w7boz@...> wrote:
      > Now I have to nit-pick. :) Lines are way to slim. Should be 5 times bigger in my opinion.

      They'll eventually be configurable widths. Maybe not colors for some
      level of standardization for discussion, but probably widths.

      > And another problem I see. I am watching this all on aprs-is right now. And everything I see is showing from my main APRS station. I would expect to see nothing actually since I am not using RF right now.

      When viewing from APRS-IS, IGates count as destinations and ALL paths
      are still captured and displayed. What, you think path analysis should
      be reserved for RF users only?

      > I actually do, like to see what my RF station is hearing. But what if I am running 2, or 3 stations on RF???

      Then they'll each be accumulating their own paths. I assume they're all
      unique -SSIDs?

      > Are you including SSID filters for what is displayed?

      Nope, just center on one of them and say "View / None". You'll see the
      full path of what they transmit as well as the direct incoming path of
      what they hear.

      > Also it appears that the lines do not time out?

      Coming configuration parameters. You're right, they don't currently
      time out. Clear / Clear Tracks will clear tracks AND Paths.

      > They "in my opinion", I almost said "should" be real time, and anytime a new path is heard, disappear and show the new path heard.

      I may consider an option for "most recent only", but I think a timer
      would be more effective, personally.

      > The current display could be drawn/showed on a say "Network Path" option. To show the network paths. Maybe all of this would display like I am talking about if I was running Aprsisce on RF.

      Try it on your RF instance, but make sure you have the latest. One of
      the first Path releases was ignoring the final hop into the RF receiver.

      > Great progress! Kevin


      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      > W7BOZ
      > --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)"<kj4erj@> wrote:
      >>> Fix formatting error in Bluetooth trace log when name fails to resolve
      >>> because the BT adapter didn't show up after a reboot.
      >>> First cut: Screen / Paths (defaulted on) and View / Paths (show only
      >>> stations involved with known paths). Yes, I'm now accumulating and
      >>> drawing path lines. Give it a look-see and tell me what you think.
      >>> Remember, it's a first cut.
      >>> A thin red line is a direct link, a wider green line is a digipeated
      >>> link, red-over-green means both happened there
      >>> ToDo: a) Fix parser to prevent invalid coordinates from blowing paths
      >>> across the planet
      >>> b) Time-out the line segements (user configurable) - Currently
      >>> accumulated forever
      >>> c) Classify links: Direct (no used hops), First Hop, Digi Hop,
      >>> Final Hop (to IGate or ME(RF)) (Need visibility ideas)
      >>> d) User configurable "reasonability" length
      >>> e) Filter actual stations against configurable Path Aliases (not
      >>> good to have a WIDE1 station moving around)
      >>> f) Provide visibility into "stations heard", "stations hearing" and
      >>> link traffic count/age
      >>> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      >>> PS. I'll be working Honey-Do's today, so don't be surprised to not get
      >>> near-interactive feedback on e-mailed comments.
      > ------------------------------------
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
    • Bob Bruninga
      ... Amen! Actually that is why we ask all software to periodically calculate the aloha range based purely on what the station hears and to display that on
      Message 40 of 40 , Nov 7, 2011
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        > One should always think about the impact of their operations
        > not only as it pertains to the stations within simplex range,
        > but those affected within the footprint of all the digipeaters
        > they are lighting up.

        > If everyone thought that way, and tailored their operations
        > accordingly, we'd have a much more robust and reliable APRS network.

        Amen! Actually that is why we ask all software to periodically calculate
        the "aloha range" based purely on what the station hears and to display that
        on the map to aid the user in visualizing what his full local area is.

        Then it is nice if the outgoing path is made no larger than that necessary
        to reach all digipeaters in that Aloha Range. See:
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