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Re: [aprsisce] Feedback solicitation

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  • Jeffrey Pryor
    Lynn, I m running APRSISCE for Windows Mobile on my AT&T Tilt 2 phone. http://aprs.fi/?call=kc8nno-12 I ve done some basic experimentation and have only had it
    Message 1 of 34 , Dec 12, 2009
      I'm running APRSISCE for Windows Mobile on my AT&T Tilt 2 phone. 
      I've done some basic experimentation and have only had it operating while mobile a couple times.
      I have at least gotten it configured and feeding packets and location/telemetry data into the APRS-IS.
      One thing I've found is that my default zoom level was all the way out and I essentially have a postage stamp size world map with my tiny icon in the middle.
      For zooming I am not able to get anything to work via the screen, but I can use the up and down keys on my physical slide out keyboard to adjust the zoom.
      The red center dot while mobile seems to move randomly and wildly about at times.
      Also I'm not seeing any other icons or stations showing up.  I have set to show all, do I need to explicity indicate stations that I'd like to see?  Or maybe I have something else configured incorrectly.  So far I seem to only have a one way connection out to APRS-IS, and I'm not getting anything back.
      One thing that would be helpful while mobile is a way to keep the sceen active/alive.  I've seen this setting on other gps/mapping programs that I've used before and is helpful while mobile and not using external power and not wanting to change any other global screen dimming and power saving settings.  Also possibly a way to keep the program active and sending data when the application is minimized.  Right now I can only feed data if the application stays active, is maximized, and the sceen doesn't go to sleep.
      Also I haven't figured out how to get a short cut in my start menu or programs on Windows Mobile.  It would definetly be good to get that and the missing application icon resolved for future installs.
      That's what I have for now for some basic testing and interaction.  Is indeed fun to experiement with this additional option for APRS, and look forward to future versions and enhancements.  Also if folks have any other thoughts for my issues above, feel free to comment.
      Jeff KC8NNO
      Toledo Ohio
      On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 8:28 AM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh <kj4erj@...> wrote:
      Ok, there's been quite a few new members of the group over the past few
      weeks so it's time to hear some feedback.

      Who of you is running APRISCE on Windows Mobile?  And what platform is
      it on?
    • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
      ... See Bob s APRS 1.1 extension called Destination Waypoints described at: http://wa8lmf.net/bruninga/APRS-docs/MOBILE.TXT This is part of the APRS 1.1 Spec
      Message 34 of 34 , Jan 26, 2010
        m6xsd wrote:
        > Yep, point taken on 'Lost Fix' but I still think being able to select
        > pre-programmed static points when 'en-route' would be good, I can
        > think of quite a few situations where I would like to 'annouce'(for
        > want of a better word) that I'm not exactly where my GPS thinks I am
        > (or was).

        See Bob's APRS 1.1 extension called "Destination Waypoints" described at:


        This is part of the APRS 1.1 Spec Addendum you can see at:


        I'm considering supporting the ability to beacon a "destination
        waypoint" as well as interpret them and draw the lines that are
        described. I don't know how many other APRS clients do this, but it's
        part of the published spec, so I might as well support it! Who knows, I
        might even make it part of the Poll's () "slow beacon" mode!

        Oh, and another preview of things to come is that I'm designing a
        "coordinate picker" dialog that will embed the OpenStreetMap with pan
        and zoom to allow you to home in on and set a coordinate. It'll still
        support a variety of manually-entered coordinates, but you'll be able to
        see where you entered or enter what you see. - Thoughts?

        Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
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