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Re: [aprsisce] Maps (with extra on OSM)

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    On 29 October 2011 21:03, James Ewen wrote: Thanks for your comments James. I think that part of this (my) thread has now been joined by the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2011
      On 29 October 2011 21:03, James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:

      Thanks for your comments James.

      I think that part of this (my) thread has now been joined by the new
      "OpenStreetMap - Tiles Usage Policy" thread.

      Cost - who pays?

      One of the two reasons I have against an active mapping program,
      grabbing map tiles as required; is cost. In my thread, it's my cost
      of continually having to download map tiles. I have to pay the phone
      company every time. A bit like having to pay your country's radio
      regulator every time you transmitted!

      The new thread is about OpenStreetMap having to pay so that programs
      can freely grab their maps from their expensive servers.

      I first started to use digital maps on computers with GPSrs back in
      July 1996, on Psion computers. Then it was not feasible to use the
      internet. When I advanced to a Psion 5 with a Nokia 6210 phone, I
      could connect to the internet, but opinion was still that the maps had
      to be held on the computer.

      Grabbing map tiles with programs like MOB, when I started to use it, I
      went through all downloads. OSM blocked me. I was once blocked by
      GM, so left off for a short whole, reduced the number of threads and
      no more problems. But I only download a tile once.

      I was involved in a project to form a better file format for maps and
      was in with OSM at it's beginning. I think that OziExplorer with it's
      .ozfx3 is probably the best format for this use. (See below my further

      > > But, I already have better maps than those used normally by APRS-IS.
      > Better is subjective... There's some seriously highly detailed maps in Europe.

      For the UK, I have been using Memory Map with the OS 1:50,000 maps and
      there are no better maps, although I also have their 1:25,000 maps.
      But MM has two significant problems, Firstly it can only be used with
      OS maps. Yes I know that other versions of MM use other maps, but
      that requires yet another program! So an extra program to connect to
      a GPSr simultaneously.

      The UK is covered with 12 MM map files (at 50K) and loading another
      map on the move is slow. I have these converted to a single map file
      in OziEx. It's format loads much faster, only requiring to load the
      part for display. The program can also automatically load a larger
      map scale, as I drive into say a town. I am a member of RAYNET and
      often have the event organiser's map calibrated for OziEx.

      As for the rest of Europe I would agree.

      This is an add-on for OziEx, to get an idea:-


      But I'm now getting too off-topic.

      > All mapping in APRSISCE/32 is based on OSM data as it is the only
      > freely available map data available. Google Maps is not free, Mapquest
      > is not free, MapPoint is not free, Precision Maps is not free.

      I could argue that other formats are available, but I wont go there as
      it's also off topic.

      Then , Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr) <kj4erj@...> wrote:

      > I get the distinct impression that you haven't read the (albeit
      > convoluted) Wiki page about map prefetch? You can find it at
      > http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/map-prefetch

      I hadn't so thanks for the link, which I've now read.

      I would have stopped here, but with the OSM debate possibly extending
      and possibly requiring a change to the way APRSISCE works, I'm going
      to extent my thoughts a little.

      But I read:-

      "to have the current zoom and two additional zoom levels"

      The OziEx format .ozfx3 has zoom levels within a single file.

      > What you need to do is prefetch the map areas of interest while you are
      > connected to reasonable cost Internet access and then uncheck Configure
      > / Map / Purger Enabled so that the pre-fetched tiles hang around while
      > you're not connected.

      How long would this take for say France and then Germany and extending
      across Europe?

      Lynn, I'm not being critical only trying to get the best for our
      retirement mobile ham radio travels in our motorhome/RV. We are both
      licensed to drive and have ham licences, so an important part of our
      plans to be able to operate /M. UI-View-16 was good and -32 even
      better, but my near neighbour who wrote it is now SK!

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