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RE: [aprsisce] Aprsis development

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  • Steve Daniels
    Most of my comments were based on your link to Julian G4ILO s blog
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 29, 2011

      Most of my comments were based on your link to Julian G4ILO’s blog


      I recommend reading that and also the archive of amsat-bb the thread is HB9DRV which starts innocently enough

      They are both worth a read. The amsat thread is mostly about authors of free software releasing there code open source, with one person even stating the reason people like Lynn don’t release their code is that they don’t want people to see how bad it is.

      You get a few free software programmers responses


      I have recently seen some of Lynn ’s code and whilst it has a lot of holes in it, it’s not that bad, just a bit old school. (I am going to leave Lynn to explain that one)


      It was the Sats left running that crashed it then Lynn


      Steve Daniels


      Torbay Freecycle Moderator

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      And for those that aren't members over on amsat-bb, there's a discussion thread about HRD (Ham Radio Delux) and open source in general.  And Steve is being 100% tongue-firmly-emplanted-in-cheek!

      I would really like to know what crashed it on your system, but if you had the satellite predictions running in the sneak preview I sent you, it has a memory leak and will really chew up your machine watching all satellites after 12 hours or so.  I borked it when I "reduced" the number of object kill packets for invisible satellites.  I'm working toward stability now, and a few more colorful touches, before getting this one out the door, probably not until late weekend or early next week.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS.  At least, I think so!  <grin>

      On 9/29/2011 3:16 PM, Steve Daniels wrote:

      Having seen Lynn ’s post on the amsat-bb list I would just like to say

      When are you going to get your finger out and get the things you keep promising sorted, why does the software crash on my system?

      And where is the support for the program it’s sadly lacking.

      I would gladly pay twice what I do at the moment if things were run better, I am going to contact the RSGB and FCC and complain


      But seriously keep up the good work, it’s a great program and getting better all the time


      Steve Daniels


      Torbay Freecycle Moderator



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