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RE: [aprsisce] PK232MBX Setup

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  • gervais fillion
    ok thanksi thaught you were running the supply software and i lost mine,,,,my PK as been in a box for many years and i lost the material,,,,,,, 73/sgervais
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 26, 2011
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      ok thanks
      i thaught you were running the supply software and i lost mine,,,,
      my PK as been in a box for many years and i lost the material,,,,,,,

      gervais ve2ckn

      To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
      From: brucemilton@...
      Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 03:59:32 +0000
      Subject: RE: [aprsisce] PK232MBX Setup

       I am running APRSISCE Version APRSIS32 2011/09/24 02:47 on Windoze XP on a serial connection with a Tait 2000 radio.

      what software are you using with your PK?

      Sorry wrong TNC: Should be Release 19.Jul.90 Ver. 7.0 PACTOR S/N 46687 that didn't work. 

      Here is my setup in order to get a PK232MBX up and running, I threw a ton of CMD's at it, many may not be neccassary but just following the manual and a couple other comments to get the PK232MBX into KISS mode I figured it can't hurt to have a few extra commands.
      If any one can see any issues or has any comments let me know!
      I also tried an AEA PK-232M Data Controller Copyright (C) 1986-1993 by Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc. Release 01.DEC.93 Ver. 7.0 PACTOR S/N  with a single 27C512 prom and it failed to work, not sure if it has EXPERT ON mode.
      Anyhow I could not find any one else with posts on thier config relating to a PK232 so here is one.
      WinMain:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 Starting pk
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 CpReader Running on COM8:9600,N,8,1 (15 OpenCmds, 1 CloseCmds)
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 Opening COM8:9600,N,8,1
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 Opening COM8 with 4 Args
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 COM8:Packet Length 64 Version 2
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 COM8:ServiceMask 0x1 Reserved1 0x0
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 COM8:MaxQueue Tx 0 Rx 0 Baud 268435456
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 COM8:Provider SubType 1 Capabilities 0xFF
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 COM8:Settable Params 127 Baud 0x1006FFFF Data 0xF StopParity 0x1F07
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 COM8:Current Queue Tx 0 Rx 4096
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 COM8:Provider Specifics 0x0 0x0
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 CpOpen:Port COM8 9600,N,8,1 !CTSFlow !DSRFlow OutXon(2048) InXoff(512) DTR_ENABLE !DSRSense RTS_ENABLE
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 Opened COM8:9600,N,8,1, Flushing 0 in TransmitQueue, Sending 15 OpenCmds
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 Command[1]:*
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.559 Output[2]:*<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:18.637 CmdResp[14]:*<0D 0A>\<0D 0A 03 03 03>:cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.637 Command[9]:expert on
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.637 Output[10]:expert on<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.684 CmdResp[11]:expert on<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.824 CmdResp[51]:expert on<0D 0A>EXPert    was ON<0D 0A>EXPert    now ON<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.824 Command[7]:awlen 8
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.824 Output[8]:awlen 8<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.871 CmdResp[9]:awlen 8<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.996 CmdResp[47]:awlen 8<0D 0A>AWlen     was 8<0D 0A>AWlen     now 8<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.996 Command[8]:parity 0
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:19.996 Output[9]:parity 0<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.043 CmdResp[10]:parity 0<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.230 CmdResp[62]:parity 0<0D 0A>PARity    was 0 (none)<0D 0A>PARity    now 0 (none)<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.230 Command[7]:restart
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.230 Output[8]:restart<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.277 CmdResp[9]:restart<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.715 CmdResp[168]:restart<0D 0A>  <0D 0A 0D 0A 0D 0A>AEA PK-232M Data Controller<0D 0A>Copyright (C) 1986-1993 by<0D 0A>Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc.<0D 0A>Release 01.DEC.93<0D 0A>Ver. 7.0<0D 0A>PACTOR S/N 12689 <0D 0A 0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.715 Command[13]:conmode trans
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.715 Output[14]:conmode trans<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.762 CmdResp[15]:conmode trans<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.949 CmdResp[61]:conmode trans<0D 0A>CONMode   was TRANS<0D 0A>CONMode   now TRANS<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.949 Command[9]:trace off
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.949 Output[10]:trace off<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:20.996 CmdResp[11]:trace off<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.168 CmdResp[53]:trace off<0D 0A>TRACe     was OFF<0D 0A>TRACe     now OFF<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.168 Command[7]:hid off
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.168 Output[8]:hid off<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.215 CmdResp[9]:hid off<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.355 CmdResp[51]:hid off<0D 0A>HId       was OFF<0D 0A>HId       now OFF<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.355 Command[14]:beacon every 0
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.355 Output[15]:beacon every 0<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.402 CmdResp[16]:beacon every 0<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.621 CmdResp[86]:beacon every 0<0D 0A>Beacon    was EVERY 0 (00 sec.)<0D 0A>Beacon    now EVERY 0 (00 sec.)<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.621 Command[6]:packet
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.621 Output[7]:packet<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.652 CmdResp[8]:packet<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.793 CmdResp[62]:packet<0D 0A>Opmode   was PAcket    <0D 0A>Opmode   now PAcket    <0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.793 Command[10]:rawhdlc on
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.793 Output[11]:rawhdlc on<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:21.840 CmdResp[12]:rawhdlc on<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.012 CmdResp[52]:rawhdlc on<0D 0A>RAWhdlc   was ON<0D 0A>RAWhdlc   now ON<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.012 Command[9]:hpoll off
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.012 Output[10]:hpoll off<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.059 CmdResp[11]:hpoll off<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.215 CmdResp[53]:hpoll off<0D 0A>HPoll     was OFF<0D 0A>HPoll     now OFF<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.215 Command[11]:ppersist on
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.215 Output[12]:ppersist on<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.277 CmdResp[13]:ppersist on<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.434 CmdResp[53]:ppersist on<0D 0A>PPersist  was ON<0D 0A>PPersist  now ON<0D 0A>cmd:
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.434 Command[8]:kiss $01
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.434 Output[9]:kiss $01<0D>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:22.480 CmdResp[10]:kiss $01<0D 0A>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:23.480 Command[8]:host $01
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:23.480 Output[9]:host $01<0D>
      WinMain:2011-09-26T02:14:41.293 Stopping pk
      WinMain:2011-09-26T02:14:41.293 Waiting at line 388
      WinMain:2011-09-26T02:14:41.402 Waiting at line 388
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:41.418 Terminating after 22845 msec vs 0 Quiet
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:41.418 Closing COM8:9600,N,8,1
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:41.418 Command[7]:^C^C^C~
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:41.418 Output[3]:<03 03 03>
      pk:2011-09-26T02:14:41.449 Reader Exiting
      <RFPort Name="pk">
      <OpenCmd>expert on</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>awlen 8</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>parity 0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>conmode trans</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>trace off</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>hid off</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>beacon every 0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>rawhdlc on</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>hpoll off</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>ppersist on</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>kiss $01!!1</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>host $01!!1</OpenCmd>

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