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Re: Possible feature request: HTML page

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  • w7boz
    I have asked for this same type of thing before. I would love Aprsisce to generate webpages like UI-View does. Thats why I still am a UI-View user. Because of
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 31 5:16 AM
      I have asked for this same type of thing before. I would love Aprsisce to generate webpages like UI-View does. Thats why I still am a UI-View user. Because of the Webpages, Info Kiosk, Graphics in real time showing paths on RF, and much more. Lynn, will get me to change over completely sometime. But not untill all these things are achieved. Keep asking and maybe Lynn will do it. :) or not.


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      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, Gary Sanders <yahoomail3847@...> wrote:
      > Comments interspersed.....
      > On 7/30/2011 2:10 PM, James Ewen wrote:
      > > On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Gary Sanders <yahoomail3847@...
      > > <mailto:yahoomail3847%40dgsnet.net>> wrote:
      > >
      > > Both scenarios above are basically the same request. It would very
      > > difficult to convert an APRSISCE screen into HTML. All of the screen
      > > elements would need to be pulled apart into individual pieces, and
      > > then rebuilt using HTML. What it sounds like you are asking for, is a
      > > simple screen grab, where the whole screen is captured as a graphical
      > > image. That would be far easier. You say that you just want to look at
      > > the screen, with no interactivity.
      > Yes, exactly
      > >
      > > Option 1 would require APRSISCE/32 to be able to answer a web page
      > > request, and then deliver a webpage where you put a simple html
      > > wrapper around the image, something as simple as a <BODY><IMG
      > > SRC=...></BODY> tag idea.
      > >
      > > The second would require the ability to do the same page creation, but
      > > then perhaps do a TFTP transfer.
      > Yes, the only difference would be what program would be doing the
      > serving: APRSISCE, or some other external program (apache, IIS, [both
      > obviously using a sledge hammer when a tack hammer would be more
      > appropriate], or a lightweight web server)
      > > What about having the image available, and the remote device initiates
      > > the query? All APRSISCE/32 would need to do is to do a screen capture
      > > on a periodic basis, and place that image in a specific directory.
      > > External programs could them be configured to send the image to a
      > > remote machine, or serve the webpage, or accept incoming TFTP requests
      > > for that image.
      > That's actually what I had envisioned as a practical fallback if a
      > simple web server couldn't be shoehorned into APRSISCE. Just let the
      > external program know where to expect the file to be located.
      > In some respects I actually like this method better . I have a weather
      > server that I maintain on a web hosting site. I could just periodically
      > push the file to a subdirectory on the server via ftp, and access it
      > from anywhere in the world.
      > > It would probably be a little more work to squeeze a webserver into a
      > > telephone. Screen capture is probably an easier task.
      > Agreed.
      > > James
      > > VE6SRV
      > Gary Sanders W0BY
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