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2009/11/05 Release Notes!

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Yes, there s another new release of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile. Mostly this release is about fixing up some screen layout issues on different shaped phones
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2009
      Yes, there's another new release of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile. Mostly
      this release is about fixing up some screen layout issues on different
      shaped phones and phones with different font sizes. If you've had
      screen layout issues, check this one out!

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile

      Here's what's new in APRSISCE6P091105.zip

      Those that had screen layout and font size issues, give this version a
      try and read #2 and #16.

      1) Corrected a spontaneous exit issue if OSM Tile loading fails.

      2) Support operator selection of Orientation via View/Map Menu. Options
      are Automatic (what it originally
      was), Wide (stuff at the top), or Narrow (stuff at the left). The
      choice is recorded in the XML configuration
      file and is used on restart. (For you XML hackers, the tag is
      <Orientation> and 0=Narrow, 1=Wide, 2=Auto).

      3) Support XML configuration of the toggle between Date and Time. The
      originally coded value of 2367 is the
      default. The value is which units digits of the seconds will display
      the Date. To have only time displayed,
      the value should be empty. To only display the date, the value should
      be 0123456789. Get it?

      4) Detect and track time-delayed duplicate track entries caused
      (apparently) by KPC-3+ Digis in KISS mode.
      These display as yellow squares in the tracks which no longer ping-pong
      back and forth if the duplicate is
      detected. Dupes are also counted and displayed in the station
      Information window. Hopefully in the future
      I'll be able to highlight the Digi and/or IGates that are causing the
      delayed duplication.

      5) Did some work with rejecting position updates that are too far away
      or too fast of moving, but I still
      don't like it so it mostly just complains into the .LOG file and accepts
      the position update anyway...

      6) Ability to filter what stations are displayed via a View menu
      option. Choices are All (original and
      default), Buddies (only those stations listed in a b/ in your filter),
      Duplicates (only those stations with
      detected duplicates), and Tracks (only stations that have moved). The
      View filter is NOT recorded and reverts
      back to all on a restart. There will be future additions to the filter

      7) Only treat a { in a message as the ack delimiter if it is within 6
      characters of the end of the message.

      8) Improve drawing performance of max-ed or min-ed colored bar charts
      (empty rectangles).

      9) Display local date/time when the GPS is disabled

      10) Suppress Lookup and Message menu options for Objects

      11) Added the ability to Retry or Abort a pending (non-acknowledged)
      message. No auto-retry yet, though.

      12) The map is no longer clipped to the circle but overflows and fills
      between the other boxes. The circle is
      still there to provide for a scale. Let me know what you think about
      this change. I kind of like not wasting
      the screen estate and seeing the stations outside the circle.

      13) Satellite PRNs (numbers) are shown in a smaller font both in the
      circle and at the bottom of the screen.
      I can still read them on my phone, but I'm anxious to see if I made them
      too small for some platforms.

      14) Fix leaking GDI brush in painting the Pending Message window. This
      would cause the client to lock up your
      phone if you left it running for a LONG time.

      15) The Win32 version of the client detects and complains about leaking
      GDI resources (this is how I figured
      out #14).

      16) Made some MAJOR revisions in how the various information rectangles
      are positioned during resizing.
      Nearly all of it is based on fonts now, so those of you that had trouble
      with the satellites at the bottom or
      the stations on the left should see a HUGE improvement. Let me know
      what you think. If you don't like one
      layout, toggle the View/Map and try it the other way.

      17) Warn if closing the client with non-acknowledged messages pending.

      18) Ack indicators ({nnnnn) are removed from messages

      19) Much improved and extended Platform detection using ToCalls

      Completed ToDo from previous release:

      Fix up fonts for VGA (640x480) devices (test with Noel W8TVI)

      To Dos: (Incomplete)
      Automatic, decaying retransmission of non-acked messages (start at 30+
      seconds due to APRS-IS dupe checker)
      Read message display (they disappear now once read)
      Tile ager/purger - Critical now that you can center on other stations!
      Parse and display Frequency object information
      Parse, use, and transmit !DAO! (APRS PRECISION AND DATUM OPTION)
      Support the -180/180 latitude wrap with closest display tile
      Find a better icon scaling algorithm based on screen size & scale
      Allow configuration of location for OSMTiles cache (w/o editing XML)
      Allow configuration of date/time display & GMT vs local (Dave N8PU)
      Allow configurable removal of some screen elements (Satellites, John N8JJ)
      Pan (Drag) screen for browsing the map
      Record/Recall last DNS/IP for OSM/APRS-IS (in config file, for
      connecting without DNS)
      Asynchronous TCP/IP connections & reading (solves hangs)
      Timeout on OSM Tile fetcher (solves stalls)
      Implement whatever results from the Zoom +/- Poll

      Win32 client only for the following:
      Simultaneously track multiple targets in separate circles
      Support NMEA GPS

      Extreme future:
      Support KISS TNCs

      Detect and highlight source of delayed duplications
      Better speed/distance rejection algorithms
      Additional View/Filter options based on symbol types
      Auto-retry Pending Messages

      Feed-through APRS-IS with local filters (for multiple instances of Win32
      version with a single full feed to
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