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Re: [aprsisce] New person could use some help

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Fred N5JXO wrote... ... I was going by memory before, but I just dug out the manual for my KPC-2. It isn t INTerface KISS. That would work on a KPC3 or 3+. On
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 27, 2011
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      Fred N5JXO wrote...

      > I think I am getting close. The commands for my firmware were
      > Interface Kiss, Perm, Reset. Now I can ce local packets and my
      > IGate sends packets to the Internet. I need to fix my Xmit problem.
      > It may be a bad cable.

      I was going by memory before, but I just dug out the manual for my
      KPC-2. It isn't INTerface KISS. That would work on a KPC3 or 3+.
      On the KPC-2 it is KISS ON followed by RESET... or MAXU, or
      NUMnodes, or PBBS, all of which will cause a soft reset.

      However, KISS ON and PERM followed by power cycling it
      would bring it up in KISS mode. While you could PERM it in
      KISS mode, I would think it would be easier if you wanted to
      use it for something in CONVERSE mode if you didn't perm it.
      Then you could just exit the program and power cycle it and
      it would be back up in CONVERSE mode again. It's up to
      you though. The important part though is KISS ON / RESET
      instead of INT KISS which Kantronics later used.

      PS - you might want to make sure ABAUD isn't zero, otherwise
      you would have to deal with an "autobaud" situation. You
      could set it to ABAUD 4800 if you wanted to use that speed
      on the serial port. You could use 9600, but I stick to 4800 for
      newer TNCs and trackers etc. as it is the native speed for NMEA
      out from a GPS. I would make sure you can just turn it on and
      have it work in a terminal program... and power cycle it and
      make sure it comes up working without having to mess around
      with autobaud, and then have APRSIS32 put it in KISS mode
      for you. I would also use SW ON. That you could PERM so
      it was always enabled, as well as ABAUD 9600 or whatever
      speed you decide to use. Of course, BE 0, CW 0, DIG OFF too.
      I would have MON ON too for testing when not in KISS mode.
      It never hurts to make sure PASSALL is OFF. I suppose if you
      are looking at settings, it also wouldn't hurt to look and make
      sure TXDelay was set to a reasonable value... e.g. 15 - 20
      ( x 10 ms).

      PS - if you CC your reply to me, I end up getting two copies.
      I get everything from all of the various support lists emailed
      to me, so CC isn't necessary.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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