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999Re: [aprsisce] Mo'features requested

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Apr 2, 2010
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      Fred Hillhouse wrote:
      > Another feature request:
      > Show position while moving cursor about the map.
      > Show position at current GPS position.

      Show position where exactly? The screen is getting pretty crowded. As
      for the "current GPS position", just bring up the Station Info popup on
      Me? or you want to be able to see it without having Me on the map?
      Would, say, adding it to the Dilution of Precision popup (double-click
      the Altitude box) be good enough for the current GPS position?

      > Allow user to select which position format; DDD.ddddd, DDMM.mmmm,
      > Maidenhead (min 6 places). Multiple formats at a time would be a extra
      > option, such as, DDD.ddddd and Maidenhead.

      Maybe, but there's enough confusion around already that I'm really
      tending to keep it all ddd mm.mm in true APRS fashion. I'll think about
      it. I already have Maidenhead on the list (that's the same as Grid
      Locator, right? I though 6 was the maximum? Like mine is EL97qx?)

      > Just like Lays potato chips, can't have just one:
      > The ability to click on a point on the map to add; waypoint (save to
      > GPX file), object (semi-permanent or temporary).
      > The ability to add at the current GPS position; waypoint (save to GPX
      > file), object (semi-permanent or temporary).
      > Semi-permanent means one that is sent on a regular basis until it is
      > deleted. This could be a field day set up, repeater, etc.
      > Temporary means an object that is sent a couple of times (to insure
      > throughput) to indicate something of temporary status, such as an
      > traffic accident or fire.

      All part of Objects when I get to that one on the list. I'll keep your
      e-mail around for details.

      > Thanks!

      You're welcome. Keep the ideas coming, I'll keep the list going and
      they'll get done someday!

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

      > Best regards,
      > Fred
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